Hey 👋 newbie here.

Hey IH community,

I'm Nicole, and I love to build products! I spent the past 10+ years as a technical project manager, until I quit my 6-figure salary to focus on Avvinue, helping people realize their dreams of moving to a more fulfilling city or country.

While I'm mostly focused on building Avvinue, I'm always eager to join hackathons, build side projects and get creative juices flowing by connecting with other indie hackers. If you ever just want to chat product, low-code things, I'm your girl.

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    Congrats on your bravery! :)

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    Welcome to IH @NicolexCaba I hope you will enjoy this amzing platform.

    I also joined IH few days back. And I am enjoying it.

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    Welcome, @NicolexCaba. Indie hackers is the best place for a creator. It's 100% guaranty, and you’ll never get bored

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