May 13, 2019

👋 Hey! Some feedback on my prototype please 👋

Craig Barber @CraigBarber

Hey there guys, I'm really excited to announce I've finished a prototype of Logobly, my startup logo maker.

I would love it if you could spare 30 seconds to click thru my static prototype and write just one line of feedback:

Step 1: Click link below and click through prototype 🧐

Step 2: Reply with feedback here 🤔

Thank you in advance 🙏🙏🙏

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    I like the user journey. I would rename the button at the end to say 'Pay and download'.

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      Hey again Trike, based on your feedback.

      I've moved the payment module back to the logo package screen.

      I agree, it does make sense for it to be there and it's one less step.

      I'm also adding in some colour picker functionality which the rest of the users have asked for.

      Check it out if you have another minute:

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        Hey Craig, yeah I like it, like you said, will be better to get some real users into it to find out for sure. I think the final screen can just be the downloading status/instructions, you probably don't need to show the logo files again.

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          Hey Trike, I've updated the protoype... now I have a nice icon at the end with a package and a heart, much better then the final logos. Thanks for the great suggestions : )

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            Hey Craig, yeah nice! works well.

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              Thanks! I've iterating over and over again based on feedback.

              It's funny how many simple things you miss when it's just you working on something.

              As much as it feels like a task / uncomfortable... it really helps to get feedback : )

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                Yeah it's uncomfortable sometimes, but just remember that people taking the time out to give feedback means they want you to do well and succeed, that feels good.

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      Thanks Trike! Really appreciate your time.

      Great suggestion, I updated the button in the Prototype : )

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        That's OK, I noticed you moved the payment to another step, I liked that it was upfront, one less step and when you're on a page with your new logo there shown on cards etc, a user would be at the most likely point to enter credit card details I think. So going to another step to put in details really adds a hurdle. The less steps the better.

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          Hey Trike, thanks again for taking a moment.

          Yes, one of the feedback from users that I was asking for payment too soon, so I made a change to showcase the logos a little more before you have to pay.

          It is a challenge when you get mixed feedback : )

          This is where A/B testing comes in I guess.