Landing Page Feedback February 13, 2020

Hey YOU! Yeah YOU! You like my LP?

Francis Chow @chowsan

Hi IH family.

Looking for feedback on my landing page for an idea I'm working on. I'm not going to tell you anything about the idea itself (if the landing page can't do that then it failed lol). Be honest....permission to be ruthless granted :)

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    This is solid and I pretty much get it immediately. I dig the domain, design, logo, mascot.
    Mostly just have text edits to suggest:
    • "allows to you anonymously" -> "allows you to anonymously"
    • "Anonimity" -> "Anonymity"
    • I'd kinda like to know more about the types of polls I can create. From the examples, I see I can put up text or photos as options, so I'm not sure I need to see the options--and perhaps it's best if my curiosity leads me to the app store.
    Great work!

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      @TimWinfree Hey thanks for having a look and giving feedback. Good pick up on those typos. Will get that fixed.

      As for the product, the MVP will allow multiple choice text and picture polls as well as binary polls (Yes/No, Thumbs up/down etc).

      Appreciate the love and feedback.

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    Hi @chowsan,

    Your landing page has a nice fresh look, it makes me spend more time on it and your mascot is cute. Love it!!

    I would want to try your app.

    The last section i.e. Anonymity, representative and Relevent is not in Sync with the first two sections i.e. colors can be changed to make it in sync with the rest of the page.

    If you don't mind, would you be kind to share how you got the mascot designed or who designed it?

    Many thanks and all the best.

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      Hey thanks for the love and feedback. Yeah maybe the green is a bit much? Will take a closer look at the.

      Mascot was done in-house. I knew I wanted a polar bear because: APP-POLL, POLAR bear, APOLLO the Bear lol. It's friendly, fun-loving and you get to hide behind him hehe. So we did some research on designs and decided on a modern illustration with some bright colours.

      Thanks again mate. Cheers.

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    Like it a lot and instantly got the idea. As the others said, like the mascot!

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      Thanks for the feedback Saasy :D

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    The landing page is very nice and explains everything in 5 seconds. But I think you have another problem. I get the relation of the Apollo name with polls but that name is very bad for SEO. Nobody will be able to find you by that name.

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      You're absolutely right. With so many things named Apollo I'd be lost in the crowd. But I'm so attached to it already. APP - POLL, POLAR, APOLLO the Bear. I hate that I love it so much lol.

      Hmmm I have to rethink this. It's a valid concern. Thank you for the feedback mate.

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    This is such a cool concept! And the landing page looks great/modern!

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      Hey thanks for the love! Appreciate it!

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    I like that as soon as I load the page I can see that it is a phone app and the brief description rocks!

    The best part about the website is the bear, imho.
    Few things that I noticed:

    • lack of dynamic interactions, maybe a little parallax effect.
    • cute bear has to be a favicon!

    Awesome design, keep it up!

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      WOOHOO! Thanks so much for the love and the feedback! You're absolutely right on both counts. How could I not change the favicon? Thanks again. Cheers.

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    Looks good! Instantly understood the concept!

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      Hey thanks for taking a look! Appreciate the feedback. Cheers.

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