Hi, I am giving 100% Free Background Removal service

Hey everyone, I am starting a campaign of bulk removing background from all of your images. Please reply here whoever needs to avail this.

It is Pro Bono work, and I do not expect any money.

An example would be:
Example of PhotoATM Background removal

You can Email me the set of all images, and I will manually revert with the background-removed images.

I am doing this as Beta testing. I find IndieHacker is a helping community and feel very proud being a part of it. :)

If you are interested, You can reply in the comments below.

I am yellowUncle and this post is part of build in public.

On another note, Could you spare around 15-30 minutes for a chat or audio/video call to discuss my product 'PhotoATM' in detail.

After the feedback, I'll give you 6 months FREE subscription of PhotoATM.com Which I may extend to 12 months if you need it.

If you are happy to participate in this practical USER FEEDBACK session, please send me an email at [email protected] or send a DM on Twitter on @yellowuncle.

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      Yes. It's a great service, and their accuracy is perfect.

      But, it's costly. What if you get good accuracy in some of the niche categories images (e.g., images with consistent backgrounds) but somewhat cheaper? I think there is still some room for other services.

      1. 1

        Yes, for sure. I didn’t want to come across as telling you not to do this. There is most definitely room for competitors, especially if you niche down.

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