Hi, im Jakob

Hi everybody, im Jakob, its my first Post. I learn JS React

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    Hey Jakob! welcome to IndieHackers.

    I'm Joseph, I'm building a drag and drop site builder called https://fastur.com

    make sure to pick a project that you can learn react with instead of just learning from classes

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      thanks for comment. I have luck learn with project from my friends and i even maked some pages with state. I looked your project - looks fun!

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    Hey @pidrila, welcome to indiehackers!

    You are going to absolutely love this community!
    Are you working on any project currently?

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      hi, i have luck working with project from my friends. I told them that i want learn React and they gived me possibility to wrighting some stufs for site of them.
      https://thecreators.io/social/challenges Its completly my work!!!) im not profy but i understood Redux and some thinks like Provider, Routing..

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        That's great to hear! If you want to stay on track, you can try out my free-to-use productivity tool Brutask (https://brutask.com/).

        Also, make sure to keep updating your progress on indiehackers. It'll keep you accountable on your goals.

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          i use it, its very cool! Make inviting with facebook, whatsapp. Its help a lot.

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            @pidrila so i spoke to my team, here's what you can do ->
            Go to Manage>Click on Add>Copy shareable link.
            This link can then be shared pretty much everywhere, even whatsapp or facebook|

            Hope it helps you!

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