AMAs January 23, 2020

Hi, I'm Kate Kendall. I'm a writer turned entrepreneur who created CloudPeeps, Indie Labs, IndieConf, Atto.VC and The Fetch. AMA!

Kate Kendall @katekendall

Hi, I'm Kate Kendall. I'm a writer turned entrepreneur who created CloudPeeps, Indie Labs, IndieConf, Atto.VC and The Fetch.

I'll be here at midday on Monday 3rd of February Sydney time, ask me anything!

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    How do you do about development? Do you have a team/tech co-founders/freelancers?

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      @cip It really depends on the project and depth of tech needed: for IndieConf and Atto – the focus is on the community and curriculum so I did everything myself. For The Fetch – the original MVP was a Campaign Monitor newsletter so after the original template was built, I made any HTML changes. Then, for CloudPeeps (like an upmarket version of Upwork) – I raised funding and had a small dev team (with a founding engineer and a couple of freelancers). My favorite way to build right now is the solo indie approach using no-code MVPs.

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        Awesome! Can you give us some no-code tools? (I am a developer, but others might find it useful)

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    What's your regular day like? How do you manage your time between all these projects? How you prioritize things? Which tools are the most helpful for you?

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      @artjom The AMA intro might make it look like the projects are all combined/live together but they are more linear. I started The Fetch first, which led to CloudPeeps, then Indie Labs (Atto.VC and IndieConf). So, for the most part – I am fully focused on one company at any point in time. That said, for Indie Labs, the accelerator and conference take place at different times during the year so that allows me to manage my time and attention that way.

      In terms of priorities: I have a bunch of different tasks to do ranging from ongoing customer support, company ops, product development, community engagement, writing, and so forth. I find having dedicated days helpful for dividing up my time: e.g. I like kicking off the week with ops and admin on Monday business hours, and, for instance, writing during the evenings.

      Finally, in terms of tools: I usually have Asana, G Suite, Intercom, Xero, 1 Password, Calendar and Mail open. When I was managing a larger remote team, I'd live more in Slack but now enjoy working asynchronously more.

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    A bit late to the game, was IndieConf your first venture into conferences?

    How did that go? Will you be doing it again?

    I'm curious to understand the landscape of tech founder type conferences and how much of a need there are for them.

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    That's been an amazing AMA! /s

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      @artjom It technically starts in ~60 mins. :)

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