Hi Indie Hackers, I'm Prince

I'm an engineer by job and a designer by love. I have been coding and designing stuff for the past 7+ years. I'm new to this IndieHackers community but excited to be part of, way people help each other here is phenomenal with a great sense of empathy.

Align to we have been building a SaaS platform Stackin for quite some time and I will appreciate any constructive feedback to make it better.

Looking forward to learning, contribute, and grow from the community.

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    Welcome to IH @prince!

    Stackin looks good. The landing page is maybe a bit text-heavy and with complicated sentences.

    A typical user only scrolls a site for 5-10s. Long paragraphs might scare them off.

    If you simplify it down even just a bit would make the world of difference.

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      Thanks for ur feedback @timosarkka i will definitely try simply it.

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    Looks good. I agree with @timosarkka that it's too text heavy, and the text that is there isn't that readable.

    What problem does this solve for your user? Believe me I know how difficult of a question that is to answer succinctly, but that's what you need to do.

    Tell your user how they will benefit. NOT what your product does.

    Do that in one or two sentences and you'll be much further forward.

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      Sure @Primer i will be making these change, thanks a lot for ur valuable feedback totally agree you ur point.

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      To illustrate a point

      boost your team’s performance manifold

      I've worked for startups, enterprise corps, as a freelancer, as a contractor, as a solopreneur over the course of nearly 2 decades. I've zero clue what is meant by "performance manifold".

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