Hi, just posted my first blog post. What do you think?

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    Also - this is my first blog ever (I wrote many articles, but not for me). I'm still at the beginning and also with the website configuration, too. I know that I still have many things to do. But some feedbacks will be more than welcomed :d

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    Well done on your first post.
    I recommend adding images and short stats about some of the dogs name and make them easy to share on SM.
    People like to share that kind of data.

    1. 1

      Trueee! It is a good idea! I'll do that! Thanks for your feedback :d

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    this is the first blog post... ever?

    1. 2

      Hi @8bit,

      Yes, for this niche is my first blog post. What do you think? Any feedback? :d

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        did it get the outcomes you want?

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