[Hiring] Admin dashboard loving Figma designer | Senior, long-term contract or partnership | Remote

Hi lovely designers! ✍️

I know you’re out there. You. A senior designer in love with dashboards, getting overly excited by huge amounts of data, designing slick filtering options, dashboards, visualizations and making everything polished across all devices for the end users.

Myself and a team of 3 are on a bound mission to simplify how affiliate marketing works. We are aggregating massive amounts of data from multiple sources, quantifying it, validating it and are making it actionable for affiliate users: Bloggers, influencers and other content creators.

What we have: An ugly and dysfunctional MVP but plenty of customers

What we need: A Figma designer to rebuild our new SaaS service, focusing on interactive design with real data sets. This is a paid long term contract but not full time. Could be open to other payment options, like ownership. Experienced candidates preferred.

When we need it: As soon as we can, but we are happy to wait for the perfect fit.

We need help with presenting our data in a sexy, accessible and easy identifiable way to our customers. Building transparency and gaining trust are key for us in our customer relationships but we don’t want to look like old bankers.

Do you want to board the space shuttle and help revolutionize affiliate marketing from spammy clickbait to an honest and powerful business tool? 📈

Important for us:

  • You can design for #trust and #honesty without having it look boring
  • You you’re available to join within weeks
  • You have designed admin dashboards before and can show your previous work
  • We are available in time zone CET+1 and enjoy video meetings with actual video turned on
  • You realize that a website design is never done and can (and should) always be improved as we go
  • You are structured in your approach

Important for you:

  • We are open to payment per design sprint, give ownership, arrange co-founding or whatever you prefer. Hourly rate is negotiable
  • Amount of work varies a lot and we can coordinate as we go, but most likely 10-20H/week in the first months until we are ready for launch
  • We’re no douchebags and doesn’t act like experts in your field: You’re your own boss with us and we expect you to advise us what works the best
  • We are based in 🇩🇰 🇪🇸 🇧🇾 🇧🇦 , you can be based anywhere you’d like

Give me a line with a link to you portfolio or send me an email at [email protected]

Figma is required. No agencies, no one without admin/dashboard design experience.


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