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[CLOSED] Marketing/Sales/Growth Hacker

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Starting at $0 per hour

Founder sales are tough, specially for non-sales'y people like me. I am looking for a part-time freelance person with solid skills in marketing, sales and generally growth hacking, who can help plan and execute a growth strategy.

You are probably a fit if you'd like to write and would love to get nice sales commissions for newly acquired customers.

Please reach out with a suggestion for a hourly rate (or weekly/monthly retainer) and ideally some references. If all goes well we can do a little test project and take it from there.

Edit 20211012: To answer a few FAQ:

  • I am not looking for a marketing expert, or a sales expert, but somebody with cross-functional experience and skills who can cover the entire spectrum of growth.
  • Writing is about 50% of the job. This does not necessarily mean you have to necessarily deliver polished blog articles, it's more about working with me to produce everything from research to blog outlines to rough drafts to 80% done to finished blog posts and other content.
  • The other 50% of the job is developing and executing a coherent growth strategy. This means lots of research, cold outreach, typical content marketing and some social media work.
  • I have lots of ideas for this position and need somebody pragmatic to execute for and with me.

Edit 20211123: Please stop applying, we filled the position. Thanks!

Part Time Writing Marketing Growth Freelance