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Remote (europe)
Up to $1,000 per month


I am Michael, 36 years old and have bootstrapped HalloCasa as a side hustle to now a couple of EUR in monthly revenue.

Pretty much into top-of-the-funnel content creation and repurposing the content and creating an automated sales funnel with autopilot.

Now, the next steps are Conversion Optimization along UX improvement and integrating 60k listings from Spain.

HalloCasa is built on Java 8, tomcat, spring, hibernate, MySQL, AngularJS,, wordpress for content, google maps api, google translate api, currency api, aws, stripe.

The platform is basically ready and all features are built. I have a good audience and some traction.
Now, to bring HalloCasa to the next level, I am looking for a technical co-founder helping to run tests and to improve conversion.

Therefore, I am looking for a sparring partner who is interested or has experience in marketplace, real estate, Integrations with xml feeds, full-stack engineer.

The product is basically built and the stack is good. Especially the back-end and archtecture, very robust.

Tasks which need to be done now:
1- Creating a lot of integrations for many xml feed schemes
2- UX improvement to increase customer conversion
3- Rendering
4- Potentially move the front-end to Angular 10 / 11

So, no new features, rather improving the existing experience

I incorporated the company in Estonia along the e-residency program. I am based between Lisbon and Zuerich.

Flexible Hours Software Development Front End React angularjs Design Equity