May 22, 2019

Hiring contractor to handle intro sales calls?

Zeke Gabrielse @ezekg

Has anybody here hired a consultant/contractor to handle sales calls for your bootstrapped business? It's very hard for me to jump on sales calls while working a full time job. And I'd really love to, in general, be able to hand off introductory sales calls to somebody else. Larger companies love their sales calls and it's not something I'm particularly fond of.

Does anybody here have experience in this? Know anybody that is good with software sales? How did you handle compensation?

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    May not be a good fit, but instead of outsourcing and leaving things to chance, thoughts on trying to find a way to engage in the sales calls while working around your schedule?

    Unsure if you're a remote worker or not, but could very well block out some time every day (maybe around lunch if you are onsite?) and have that time open on your calendar for sales calls. You could use something like to manage your calender and allow you to fit those things in.

    Personally, I wouldn't outsource until you've done it, and found a good formula for repeatable execution, else you're leaving way too much up to chance. You're the founder, nobody's going to put in the same level of care and attention the way you will.

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    Hey @ezekg, I have some time for you. Love to help & come up w/ a plan that fits your situation. I'll email you to schedule a call/chat.