Hiring Dev Contractors: Fiverr Vs Dev Agencies. Which is better?

I'm looking for web dev help on some side projects and want to hire contractors.

Would love to hear about people's experiences of hiring contractors and whether the best quality outputs came from sites like Fiverr or from agencies. Best practices for finding good contractors to work with would also be greatly appreciated.

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    I always go for Upwork. I strongly recommend it. Try working with someone who has made $20K+ on Upwork - and from 10+ clients. That profile is so valuable and he/she won't risk it.

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      Thanks for the insight 🙏🏿. That does make sense, successful Upwork devs have something to loose if they don't deliver. As compared to an agency where, if a job goes bad, nobody really has to know.

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    Use fiverr only if your project takes $100 and 2-3 days to make. Anything bigger, freelance developers. Check their portfolio over their curriculum. Good luck!

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      Thanks Oan 🙏🏿

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    My experience with Fiverr is awful, money and time spent, nothing came to my satisfaction.

    You get what you pay for.

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      Thanks for the insight 🙏

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    I always find fiver a bit hit and miss. Some people are good and some are awful. Agencies are generally safer but more expensive. Agencies can also generally get you a replacement if needed.

    Out of curiosity, what’s your tech stack, I’m available if you have any .net work 😊

    If not, good luck with your search!!

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      Very valid points. I'm looking for React + Next.js help at the minute. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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    Both sucks, you should hire a freelance developer

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      Where would be the best place to do this?

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        It’s depends on your country, in my country the top platform is Malt, Comet, FreelanceRepublike and more

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          Thanks. I'm based in the UK. Will check those out and see if there are similar services here too.

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