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Developer for a SaaS Project (Website Builder)
$900 - $1,100 per month

We're in need of a founding software engineer for, a website builder that turns pages into no-code websites. 100% looking for an experienced engineer/developer lviing in a country with lower costs of living.

We currently have an email list 3,000+, planning to launch soon. We'd need your help to wrap this up and continue the development of the product (got a product backlog, so there's enough work to be done).

** What we need (technically) **

Required: Devops skills, Python

  • Back-end: We've used PostgreSQL, FastAPI, SQLAlchemy
  • Front-end - just very basic JQuery, HTML, CSS
  • Optionally: we've used Cloudflare and Vercel, so if you worked with them before, that could help

** How we work **

All our colleagues are very happy with the system through which we work: 100% async, low (to none?) numbers of meetings, flexibility to manage yourself etc. Click the "Apply now" button → you'll see the full story about this.

Full Time software development Back End No-Code Full Stack Python DevOps