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Founding Senior Software Engineer

Remote (Anywhere)
$140,000 - $160,000 per year

If you're looking at this job post, you're probably a talented builder, but might be struggling with making your product into a business.

That's where ServiceBell comes in. We've been growing at over 70% month over month, and have just closed a Seed round of funding led by top-tier silicon valley investors (fundraising announcement pending). At ServiceBell, we take "being there for your customers" literally. We envision a future where virtual web attendants greet you on the web, much like they do in stores. Think: Intercom, but Video.

We're looking for a senior full stack engineer to join our team of 3. You’ll be a co-owner in our product, and more-so, in our business, with generous equity compensation. We want to build a product team for the long haul, and having our team vested in our shared success is a key part of our team's philosophy.

Some things we're looking for:

  • Deep experience with the browser. Sometimes you read Chrome RFCs for fun.

  • You’ve shipped 🚢products from scratch several times over. You’re comfortable working across the stack, but especially the frontend.

  • You’ve been doing this for a while. 5+ years.

  • You have strong opinions loosely held around most tech stack decisions.

  • You appreciate good design (UI/UX) and are passionate about building products that people love to use.

  • You're a great communicator, especially in a remote team and are happy to continuously challenge existing ideas.

  • You're thoughtful about creating and maintaining a world-class engineering culture.

Our tech stack:

  • Frontend: React, Typescript, Redux

  • Backend: Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Celery

What the job involves:

  • Building prototypes and features from start to finish: plan, build, test, deploy, iterate

  • Having an ownership mindset: being comfortable with both responsibility and accountability

  • Working in a small high performing team with a lot of collaboration and getting feedback directly from our users

Why you should join ServiceBell

You value low process, high impact, and having real ownership in a company as well as the product. You’re addicted to making the web magical.

Full Time Software Development Front End Full Stack Back End JavaScript Python React