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Growth Hacker / Growth Manager
Remote (We are asyncfirst, does not matter)
Up to $8,000 per month

You are wanted. You are an enthusiastic Growth Manager. You know the addiction when a startup launches its product and the numbers start climbing. You know how to make sales fly with little resources, but an awesome product, and an attractive target market.

We need your creative ideas and your drive for success. It's important that you can work remotely and be self-organized. You are responsible for your numbers and you aim to earn good money from them.

Do you know Steve Jobs quote "It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do." We assume you know better than us how to develop and execute a go-to-market strategy. We're eager to hear your ideas, and we want to watch you marvel at how you manage to keep generating new subscriptions.

Your objectives:

Definition of a go-to-market strategy
Lead generation

Your background:

  • At least five years of successful marketing experience
  • Knowledge of all important technologies (email marketing, automation)
  • Sales expertise
  • Understanding of all related skills (texting, writing, graphics)
  • Having a good media presence and video affinity
  • English native speaker
  • Excellent communication and networking skills

Skills we are looking for:

Hands-on experience is what we need from you. You are an expert in critical growth hacking techniques:

  • Marketing automation
  • Phantoms, Douxsoup, or whatever
  • Lemlist, Hubspot
  • IP sharing and dedicated IPs for our cold campaigns and marketing announcements
  • Email scraping
  • You know to write good texts and headlines which correspond with our product and target group
  • Graphics
  • You know to create eye-catching graphics
    -Social Media
  • You know how to build a community in LinkedIN Twitter
  • Launch Media
  • You know ProductHunt and IndieHacker and how to grow our community there
  • Influencer and blogger-marketing

Most importantly you know how to use those tools to create a media buzz and always keep the overall target in mind: sales!

What we offer:

  • a three-month contract with unlimited extension if the KPIs are right
  • a tasty commission on all subscriptions and deals
  • More bonuses and Visop options if the figures develop well in the long term
  • The opportunity to grow with an early-stage startup

Do you know how to get the job? Come up with a good idea.

It doesn't matter if you're green or blue, what gender you identify with, where you were born, or where you live. All we care about is your passion and your expertise. We want to succeed together with you.

Location: fully remote
Mode: Async-first
Time Zone: free choice
Starting Date: Dec 2021
Contract: Freelance full time, later employment

About is a completely new approach to how we share and create knowledge. It allows non-linear asynchronous conversations with video messages. You have the feeling of a real-time conversation by contributing asynchronously. Smart navigation makes it possible to have complex group discussions without losing the context. We have all grown up in a world of one-sided communication: one person talks, the others are expected to listen. The word of a priest or a teacher had been accepted as the absolute truth. The complexity of the modern world is growing so fast that we can no longer rely on such old-fashioned and inefficient methods of knowledge transfer. is more than just a tool. It’s the first communication infrastructure based on dialectics, where no one owns the absolute truth, but the truth is built by integrating multiple perspectives. This allows us to map the reality in a far more nuanced and accurate way.
Let’s use the intelligence of the 7.8 billion quantum computers we have on Earth! Let’s rewrite the rules of communication!

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