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Lead, Senior Full-Stack Engineer

$2,200 - $5,500 per month

About the Team

Friends: This project was started by two friends. They enjoy — a good debate, reading, listening, learning, guitar, bubble-tea, past-present & future, being mindful, creating, growing, mountain-biking, investing, food, cultures, people.
Repeated founders: One is a well-versed business person and the other a well-versed tech person. Both have over 10 years of relevant experience in business. Both had a successful exit in a bootstrapped B2B, SaaS startup they Co-Founded, in addition to other failures and successes. Both come from nothing.
World-class team: Product manager, Product designer, Quality manager, Front-end dev, Growth hacker, Content marketer, Customer support.
World-class support: Angels, VCs, clubs, and great peer networks allow us to have access to capital (if we need it), experts advice, and so much more. We are grateful.
We are fully remote: Canada, Serbia, Spain (before: Albania, Romania, India).
We are passionate.
We use leverage.
We create.

About the Product

We think B2B, SaaS, is being hit by a third wave of startups that will change how businesses generate and capture value. We want to make that change happen.

We started with an MVP project based on Linkedin.

We went through the idea validation stage, prototype, started charging, MVP, and now launched second functionality.

We’ve never seen any other successful products we built being as supported as LeadDelta, by the community. This small win comes with no ad dollars, no sales, and with little to no marketing.

Rough numbers as of 2021-Oct-01:
• 3,500 users
• 1,600 premium
• 95% of the premium are lifetime deals (generated ~200k gross)
• 5% of the premium are subscriptions that we are focusing on starting Oct-15
• ~100 reviews, out of which 95% are 5-star reviews.

Wall of ❤️
#1 Product of the Day 🎉
#2 LinkedIn App on Chrome 🎉

Mind you, is not our only project. One of the objectives over the next 3 years is that ~15 people manage 3 projects and reach $1M MRR combined recurring revenue in 3 years. This is not a given. Things change. World changes. Products pivot. We might get the funding. We might have to pivot. But our # goal, as indicated above, is leverage.

That’s why it is so important not to look at this as a job.
If we are a match, you will be a partner in a business.
You will be a partner in changing one industry.

About the Role

The Amazing LeadDelta Full-Stack Engineer

LeadDelta is a Chrome application that makes it a pleasure to grow, manage and engage your LinkedIn personal network.

We are looking for an experienced Full-Stack Engineer who will lead the product’s architecture, help us rapidly release new features, and provide a technical vision for the future.

The technology stack is Node.js and MongoDB back end running on Google Cloud with a React front end deployed as a Chrome extension.

The development team consists of two developers and a Product Owner, UX Designer and QA. We also have full Support handling client support and monitoring.

You will be working directly with the CEO and the Management team. Your role is to act as a technology expert and make architectural decisions that impact the current and future product vision.


We like to be a lot more precise about every position than your usual yadda-yadda, so here are the exact use cases we expect our Full Stack developer to perform amazingly well:


• Most of your time is spent implementing new product features in the technical stack outlined above. Features are prioritized and refined by the PO and designed by the UX Designer.
• Attend daily development standup meetings for updates and to determine any roadblocks. Devise a plan to address roadblocks and help the team deliver on their commitments to keep development on the agreed schedule.
• Advise and mentor team members continuously and strive to improve teamwork and the entire team's performance to learn something new every day.
• Review pull requests and investigate any and all points of contention, confusion, or any other inefficiency.
• Address issues with the appropriate team members to eliminate delays and confusion.
• Review Slack channels and respond to various channels and threads you were tagged in. Answer questions, provide guidance, and make decisions to move the projects forward.
• Consult various infrastructure monitoring and alerting systems to assure smooth operation of the internal and production infrastructure so we don't have downtime.


• Have a meeting with the PO about the backlog refinement, provide technical expertise, review stories for technical accuracy and feasibility, and provide appropriate feedback for the PO to prioritize effectively.
• Keep up with the latest technology and competitors. Work with the CEO and PO to continuously refine the vision for the product and roadmap features.
• Meet with the Management team and act as a technology expert. Provide timelines and milestones on features under development, address questions, coordinate releases with marketing and support and translate business requirements from Sales and Marketing into product vision.


• Hit the release deadlines you set on the features prioritized by the PO. Maintain development velocity of the team. Communicate delays, if any, and figure out how to get back on track and hit the milestones that your team estimated.

About You

• You have to have some proven Full Stack Experience in a similar role with the same technology stack outlined above. We are too small and time-constrained to train from scratch.
• You need to have a good understanding of using third-party APIs and writing effective APIs. Almost everything we do involves APIs at some point.
• We are a technology-centric company, so BSc/BA in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field is desired. However, we prefer you to be a team player and know what you're doing over a piece of paper.
• We are a small and agile company and don't have much time for nonsense. Excellent communication and team skills trump technical skills. You can't do it all alone.
• To be effective in general, you have to like what you do. We need to see some passion for the work and a problem-solving aptitude. The good news is that we have plenty of interesting problems to solve.
• Anything can be built given enough money and time. We don't have unlimited amounts here, though. We need a fast-paced player that appreciates technical analysis and research but ultimately decides and gets things done.


LeadDelta is registered in Canada with a team spanning the globe.

Besides the cutting edge technology and stimulating problems to solve, we offer:

• Share the risk with us, immerse yourself into the problem, lead, learn-unlearn-relearn, and ship the world-leading products. In return, you will be rewarded with the growing Founders package (%) over a short period. There is no limit, but everything needs to be earned based on merit and results.
• Unlimited vacation policy. Work hard, rest often.
• Unforgettable gatherings.
• Flexible working hours.
• Outstanding team.
• Good salary.

LeadDelta does things differently in many respects, all for the better (we think). We are a team of great people building growing products, and we expect team players who will help us fight a good fight. We expect and require commitment and dedication.

Your turn!

If you are a true craftsperson and want to build your products that you can influence, shape, and ship, and if you are entrepreneurial enough to be fierce about the risk and constant change, please apply to join our band.

We are a band of brothers on a mission to improve the way people connect, generate and capture value.

Please send a cover letter, resume (portfolio) in English to: [email protected].

Full Time Full Stack Software Development Front End Back End Leadership React Node.js MongoDB Google Cloud Platform Cofounder Equity Management