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Marketing Coordinator

Newsletter Glue
$500 - $1,000 per month

Jobs to be done


  • 2 types of partners:
    • Integrations
    • Relevant dev tools (e.g. hosting, static site generators)
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration
    • List on integration partner directories
    • Guest posting
    • Social media, conferences, online talks
    • Leverage their agencies partnerships
    • Anything else?
  • Consolidate key marketing messaging to systemise outreach
  • Frequency: Slow burn. Mostly about planning outreach lists, filling out forms, following up via email. Don't pester people constantly.

Product announcements/launches

  • Update changelog
  • Create short demos and blog posts
  • Tweets
  • Frequency: once a month


  • Write and send monthly newsletter
  • Closely linked with product announcements
  • Frequency: once a month

Blog posts and SEO

  • Perform SEO checklist
  • Publish posts and repurpose for social media
  • Queue next post, liaise with author/editor
  • Frequency: twice a month


  • Update documentation
  • Frequency: once a month spend a day looking for outdated docs to update.



  • Affiliate outreach
  • Affiliate updates
  • Frequency: once a month


  • WordPress. You need to have worked in the WordPress ecosystem before. Whether that's at an agency building sites or a theme/plugin shop.
    • Even better if you have familiarity with Gutenberg.
  • Writing. You don't need to be Shakespeare. If you can write as advised in this post, it will be good enough.
  • Screen recordings. You'll need to make simple screen recordings as demos.
  • Coordination and organisation. We use Notion and Linear (they're easy to learn, don't worry). Keeping everything organised and knowing what work is ongoing and what needs to be followed up with is key. Having good habits and hygiene around this is important.
  • Communication. We use Slack (also easy to learn if you don't currently use it). We're async, but sometimes it's nice to be online at the same time. If you will be away for more than 24 hours, just a simple message to say so is better than going MIA.
  • Learning. You'll have to learn about the plugin in order to write/teach people about it.


  • At the beginning: We'll go slow. I want to make sure you get up and running with one thing before we add another.
  • Tell me what pace works for you. I will have a tendency to speed up (because I'm already familiar with everything). If you cannot keep up, you must tell me. Feel free to tell me constantly.
  • My ideal would be to work with someone experienced (5-10 years) who can do this stuff in their sleep and who wants a more flexible and independent job that isn't stressful.

About the company

We're a young WordPress plugin company of 2 people. We have some initial traction and are now looking to build the company and grow.

We work 100% remotely and value good work done by competent people.

We focus a lot on Gutenberg and staying at the forefront of WordPress developments. Being close to customers, learning from them, and providing excellent support is important to us.

Part Time Writing Marketing Social Media