Hit me with your best Product Hunt launch tips 🤔

Next Tuesday 2nd March I'm finally launching Weekend Club on Product Hunt.

We're the weekend co-working club for bootstrappers, and now we're running sessions on both GMT and US Central time it feels appropriate to give it a proper boost.

Sign-up to our Ship listing to get notified on the day: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/weekend-club

I'm curious as to your best tips, tricks or resources for pre-launch, launch day and post launch. Anything goes. 😃

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    Pre-Launch (Months Away) Build real relationships. Avoid the mass tweeting/emailing that goes on a day before launch. Build an Audience from the Beginning: Whether that's using a Product Hunt Upcoming page (example, more on that below) or a landing page, start collecting emails of people interested in your product.

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      Thanks James - great shout. Have been using the Ship feature on Product Hunt, so should have a good 90 people to email when the day comes. And I'll try to keep my posting on the day to a tasteful level!

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    Hey Charlie, I've enjoyed seeing you see an opportunity to pivot from a pub meetup group to Weekend Club. Nice work!

    I think these elements are important for a successful launch:

    • Timing: post at the right day for your product (busier days such as tue/wed/thurs have more competition, but also more visitors) and time (launch right after SF midnight to be ahead of the curve)
    • Imagery: design graphics/screenshots that illustrate what you've made
    • Copy: fine tune your headline/tagline to get people to click, and make sure to post an initial comment where you share what you've built and why
    • Initial traffic: invite your friends/customers/users to check out the listing shortly after your launch to attempt to boost the ranking
    • Share across channels: share your PH launch on your own channels, add a banner to your site, etc. Perhaps work on a tweet that PH might retweet for extra exposure

    Last, like @jakelazaroff mentions, it's just one day in the life of your business. A good launch definitely helps, but finding and serving your customers consistently over time is much more important. Good luck, and feel free to ping me when you're live on PH!

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      Thanks Sander! This is all really helpful. Ha yes I certainly will.

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    This is more a mental health tip than a promotion strategy, but still important: whether it goes well or not, remember that it's just one day in the life of your business :)

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      Great advice - thank you Jake.

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    Hello Product Hunters! We are creating a slack group to share ideas for PH launch. If you like to join, you can fill out this form. https://forms.gle/LehhYocbCSPMnFU36

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    Hey, I also have a question for you PH veterans that I can't seem to find the answer to. The goal is to get into the weekly emails newsletter right? So when does a PH week begin and when does it end? If I post the first day of the week I have a better chance of getting more upvotes? I must be missing something? How long does a product stay open for voting that counts towards the high score?

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      Getting in the newsletter indeed is key. I believe products from any day will be picked to be featured, but posts with the most upvotes seem to rank highest. For that reason, it would be best to launch on one of the busier days to be able to get more upvotes.

      This week, the highest amount of upvotes for each day are:

      • Thursday 538
      • Wednesday 1234
      • Tuesday 1665
      • Monday 626
      • Sunday 395
      • Saturday 665

      Another reason to focus on the highest possible amount of upvotes is future visibility on PH. Your product is then more likely to be shown across pages in recommendations, categories and search results.

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      I'd love to know this myself!

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        Thanks for the support Anil? 🤷‍♂️

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          Nah. I was kidding.

          You already have an unfair advantage, your userbase. Almost guaranteed to beat at least 80% of the products launched that day.

          All I was saying, it's more honest than advising "build real relationships" for own expedience. Yet, that advice is better than this one because humankind. 🤷‍♂️

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