Building in Public December 1, 2020

Hit over $50k Revenue 💸

Temirlan Nugmanov @optemization

Optemization hit over $50k in revenue in 8 months:

  • Consulting (fulfilled): $36,130.28
  • Consulting (unfullfiled): $11674.75
  • Digital products: $4,292.98

The most important acquisition channel has been Twitter (growth captured in image) but I started a newsletter, which currently has 1,899 subscribers.

Tomorrow, I'll send a brief tactical newsletter on our #nocode tech stack, workflow, and templates:

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    Awesome, congrats Tem!

    1. 2

      Thanks Anthony! We've been around each other for a while now :)

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    Hey @optemization congratulations on the new milestone. I've been following you here on IH and on No Code Founders slack group, I like how you are active and sharing the journey all the way. It's great to see the determination and consistency going on which I personally believe is critical in making a service/product work.

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      Hey Hi! Thank you for following. Yes "building in public" has been a very good activity for reflection (connecting to strategy) AND for marketing/sales/growth.

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        It's interesting you mention about marketing/sales/growth. How much has building in public helped with sales?

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          I haven't yet rounded up the data to highlight explicit relationships but all I know is that the more I post stuff, the more sales I get :)

          duh, lol

          1. 1

            Haha sounds like time well spent and money well earned ;)

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    Congrats! Great work :)

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      Thank you! Trying hard :)

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    How do you balance consulting and products?

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      Hiring a co-worker / collaborators was KEY! I had no time prior but when I narrowed down on a group of reliable folks and got comfortable with them crushing client work, I had more time to ship products.

      @a2savior in particular, joined full-time and worked extra super hard on the products too (besides client stuff). Building a team of the right teammates CHANGES EVERYTHING

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