June 5, 2019

Hitting ProductHunt's upcoming front page with Ship?

Ali @aliakhtar

Does anyone have any insight on hitting ProductHunt's upcoming page with Ship?

I'm curious how it all works - if you don't buy the pro plan, does anyone see your landing page if you don't promote it to your own network?

If you do buy a pro plan, how many people will see it on the upcoming page? And how long would it stay there?

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    Ship is a cool and quick thing. but again. all things at ProductHunt is about community. if you have only one friend that knows about your product - ship wouldn't give you an option to get xxx users in yyy days. So I saw this - people that know how to market products name it timesaver - people that just want to buy and relax - name it not worth that money

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      UPD: if you need a landing page that easy to setup and can convert visitors to 0.9leads - Ship will be solution. But you still should make some buzz around.

      If you need hard hits - use advertising. like FB is not cheap but have a good tool for tweaking settings

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    Have you read through PH documentation about Ship? Seems like they would have to answer these types of questions.

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      I did but it actually doesn't talk at all about specifics, it just says 'product promotion' is included in the Pro plan, but what does that mean exactly?

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    Update: You get 1 hour per project on the homepage if you use their paid plan. It doesn't reset each month - 1 hour per the lifetime of the project.