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Hockeystick growth 📈

People often say you see this sudden hockeystick style growth when blogging. Curious to hear some anecdotes about this.

Was it attributed to pages beginning to rank, a piece going viral, word of mouth compounding growth?

I imagine it varies but would be fun to hear people's success stories.

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    I've spoken to a few creators and founders about this exact question when curating growth strategises for my site GrowthHunt.co and the general consensus is the combination of the things you've mentioned above.

    If you checked out this founder's blog on growing his business, you would further understand that it's the combination of him promoting on Reddit/FB, tweeting, doing SEO and whole lot of other things consistently over a few months before his hockey stick growth.

    So I believe its just showing up consistently everyday over a period of time in order to achieve that coveted hockey stick. ;)

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