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Looking for some feedback on this homepage design. The main objective is to capture interest for a beta program.

I'm planning some animation triggered by scrolling. For example the "Activity Timeline" section would appear with the graphic appearing one point at a time while the text to the left comes in one paragraph at a time... if that makes sense?!

Amy comments on the copy also welcome!

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    Nice brand but is confusing as to what the product is from the copy... feels a bit techie in the copy

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      Yeah, it's hard line to walk - we're different from other competitors due to the technology - cryptography, blockchain and encryption etc.

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        True though having read the whole copy I don’t think you need to go into that much detail. Such as where you say true end to end encryption, the true bit adds doubt, you could say end to end encryption or encrypted locally with your own key so even we can’t open it.

        Unless your marketing to security crypto privacy people then I think you can tone down the language (imo). Have had to do this myself, offer reassuring language around mainstream terms such as security, privacy and auditing. You can always have a “here’s the techie bit” section. Then I just showed as many people who were my target customer to read it and get them to tell me what it was and then tweaked the copy over and over until there were no more questions for new people I asked. Hope that helps.

        Good luck

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          Yeah that's so true (excuse the pun).

          That's a simple and effective process, like it. I definitely need to get this out in front of the target customer. Placing it here was a first feedback test, but the real driver for the copy will be those SMBs.

          Thanks for the feedback

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    The headline is confusing to me. I don't know what you sell, and it's too general, borderline cliche.

    I like the look of it!

    I'm not a big fan of stuff coming on the page fully animated. It drive my attention to the moving stuff, not on the content. Maybe it's just me though.

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      If it's one thing I'm taking away - the headline is definitely changing! Need to work on clarifying what we're offering, that's becoming clear to me.

      Yeah I'm with you on the animation. I think often you engage more with that than the content. But I think it could work if there isn't too much movement, and when things do animate then it's timed to coincide with a new piece of text.

      Thanks, glad the overall vibe is appealing :)

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    One more comment, how did you design the landing page? Was this put together manually all by you or did you use a certain framework/service/freelancer. Its truly satisfying to look at. Would love to hear from you about this, perhaps even get some tips on your colour choice/UX design choices.

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      I designed the page - I'm the product designer as well as co-founder for our startup. I also have a background in UX and brand design.

      Thanks for the kind words! I'd be happy to talk more about design and any project you're working on, if I can help in any way :)

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        Ahh, good to hear, and yeah I think I might ping you some time in the future if I need any tips/opinions on UX, thanks a lot!

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    Hey Pascal, I notice all the comments are 10 days old, I may a little late to the party (just joined indiehackers today), I just wanted to recommend AoS js library for your animate on scroll. I've used it before, its quick and simple to use, and pretty lightweight also! (so don't worry, SEO is safe). Hope this helps

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      Oh cool thanks for that tip! I won't be building it myself, so I will pass it on to the developer.

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    Same as the general sentiment: the design is great, but the copy is a bit confusing. Also the last section about add-ons just adds more confusion. You need to first be able to communicate clearly what your product is, then maybe add some complexity. As it stands I'd rather simplify as much as possible.
    To actionable suggestions I would have:

    1. add a video walk-through of your product on the first screen, so people can understand what your product does (Dropbox had a massive success when they launched with a video, as they had to explain a new product category)
    2. maybe study a bit Basecamp in terms of how their landing page evolved over time. Your product seems to be in the same category and Basecamp definitely tested their landing page a lot.
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      Hi, looking at the evolution of the Basecamp homepage is a great idea. I was definitely envisaging a video product explainer of sorts at some point, but in my mind it was always a bit further down the road. But now I'm thinking something lo fi could still be effective.
      Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated :)

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    Same as others, I was confused a bit by the copy, esp the headline.

    What did you use to build this?

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      To build the product or design/build the website?

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          Designed in XD. Yet to be built but we're thinking of using Craft CMS

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    • Design overall is good, sleek, and modern. Some possible UX issues but it does look good
    • Work on your copy to address the pain points your customers face in their own language
    • the logo is a little bit odd

    I'm not your target customer but personally I think you are be overcommitted on how much people care about privacy-focused solutions. I may be completely wrong in this assumption but I'd encourage you to validate this if you haven't already. Not that you need to change the tech as I'm sure it's solid, just pivot on the way you communicate

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      This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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    From designer's point of view, you should change 2 things. Logo (if it's the only version you have, because it can't work in all sizes) and make borders equal in thickness around those 3 images. I know exactly what you did and why top and bottom is thinner than side.

    Keep the headline short as it is, but you should explain better what you sell.

    The rest is really nice!

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      Yeah I was considering another logo version for small where the padlock is bigger, so I think I will definitely explore that.

      Haha any reason why the borders should be equal? I feel it's a subjective/stylistic call that doesn't make any meaningful difference either way.

      Any parts/features in particular that aren't clear? Is that supporting sentence under the heading, or just the product isn't clear enough by the time you're at the end?

      Great feedback, thanks :)

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        No problem! Just a padlock is a good idea, but make sure to make it more unique. If it stands alone than is can look like a stock icon (if you use the current padlock design).

        It's nothing wrong at all, if you really wanted to do that. To me, it seams that you (or whoever did it) just resized the image or background rectangle.

        If you have 2 rectangles centered in the same spot and then you resize one, the bottom and upper side will meet quicker with bottom and upper sides of 2nd rectangle. Take a look: https://i.imgur.com/lqHH5N8.png

        This is more often a mistake from inexperienced designer than it's actual intention. It's not that big of a deal, but why not look better if it's possible.

        Just the heading. The rest seems pretty good!

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          I think an icon mark on its own is OK for an established brand, but I wouldn't want to drop the type. I'm going to look into more options for the logo/padlock tho.

          The offset margin is deliberate :)

          Thanks for taking the time to feedback in depth, really appreciate it!

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    Hey, it looks really good! I agree with the other comment made on this post though, I think the headline copy should be redone. "Let work flow. Never lose track" tells me nothing about your product. I would suggest replacing it with a concise synopsis about your product.

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      I was going for the approach where the headline is trying to capture the imagination and the following sentence, "Enter a data room in Akord and freely share digital assets, communicate and collaborate in a secure, encrypted space.", does the explaining.

      I see some brands go for just one long headline and try and explain the product there, or this other approach where a very short headline is coupled with a longer explanatory sentence.

      Airtable, "One workplace. Endless Solutions." Dropbox, "Focus on the work that matters". Slack, "Slack is where work happens". None of these really tell me anything about the product, but they kinda set the mood for the sentence or two that follows and breaks down the product.

      But having said that, I can definitely see there's maybe some tweaking needed. I was just thinking, "A secure hub. Never lose track." Something like that maybe gives more of a sense of the product and sets up the next line.

      Thanks for taking the time to feedback, that was really helpful!

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    You lost me at your headline. I'm not sure at all what your product is about by reading "Let work flow. Never lose track". These are STATEMENTS. It's like me saying: "Do the dishes. Don't forget". I think you've skipped the step of explaining what you product is and jumped into persuasion too soon.

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      Hah yeah I take your point! Thanks for the feedback

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