Landing Page Feedback January 25, 2021

Honestly critique our new home page

Jaymie Thomas @jaymie

Howdy, hackers! I'd love to hear your feedback about our home page. It's gone through several iterations already, but none of them with you good folk.

We're a UK-based business providing member payment and tracking services to sports clubs, after-school clubs, orchestras, governing bodies - anyone who needs to collect money from members.

The pricing page is definitely a work-in-progress, so I'm only asking for the home page itself to be scrutinised.

Give me any feedback you can, but if you're stuck:

How well do we convey our purpose?
What do you like?
What do you think is superfluous?
What didn't you like?
Anything else you want to add - all welcome!

Thanks in advance for your time 🙂

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    I like what's on here already. I like that the first paragraph lists good examples of painful aspects of collecting dues for a club. I like those to be something the eye falls on when scanning. Even just bolding "They’ll need a chase-up" would be Boom! "I feel understood, please let me read in detail".

    Let me think about it a bit more and come back with more feedback. Or I'm planning a landing page review meetup soon, if you'd like us to cover your site if you'd like. =>

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      Thanks, Pascal, I would love to be featured at your next landing page review. I'm already on the notification list!

      Thanks for your encouraging words around the pain points for club administrators. I'm looking forward to your further feedback.

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        All right, I'll try to find a time to make it happen soon!

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    This is a tiny niche right? I feel like if that's the case it works well, but why not just use Patreon at this point? Honest question!

    There is a little too much text on the page. That is what's superfluous to me. You can tighten it up!

    Other feedback IMHO:

    • Your ATF CTA isn't clickable.
    • Your features titles are self explanatory: i.e. Multiple users. Add additional members to your management team - it's free! . Why not just say Multiple Free Users
      I like your header:

    Take control of your club payments

    but I prefer my version:

    Your club payments under control
    this is just personal opinion ofc.

    Great explanation of benefits, do you have any data points to reinforce how much time and money you can save? i.e. statistics that show that X% of payments go lost?

    I really like your pre-footer lead magnet!

    Good job!!!!!

    1. 1

      Hey, thanks for taking the time to look at this for me.

      It is a niche, although we also serve governing bodies, so it's a mix of those and individual clubs. As I understand Patreon, it's good for managing memberships with set amounts at regular intervals - I use it to subscribe to a few podcasts myself. Clubs need the ability to do that AND send ad-hoc invoices for events, new kit or equipment, travel etc. Payzip aggregates those card payments and tells the club what that money is for.

      I"m currently trying to strike a balance between being verbose for SEO and judiciously editing the text for humans. I take the point about the paragraphs under the headers, although we have two types of users in our system - the treasurer or club secretary (the administrative user), and club members themselves, who get their own dashboard of invoices and payments. I fear that saying "multiple free users" would be confusing. There is likely a better way to phrase it than what's there though.

      That's a good suggestion about quantifying the time saved - I'll see what we can do there.

      Thanks again for your comments, I really appreciate it.

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