How a simple tweet got me 24x more YouTube subscribers

I've been struggling for a while to send my 18k (soon 19k) twitter followers to subscribe to my YouTube channel (only 8k subs) with very little results... until one tweet just... EXPLODED! 😆

For the past 3 weeks I've been Live Streaming like crazy (over 60 hours worth of content) in order to finish this new challenge "Conquering freeCodeCamp's Curriculum".

I wanted to do this because I knew it would help a lot of people considering the fact that the curriculum covers a wide range of topics (from basic HTML/CSS and JavaScript to React, Redux, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB and more...).

My hope was that this challenge will boost my subscribers count and my viewership helping me reach my biggest goal for 2020 (100,000 subscribers on YouTube), but it didn't go the way I planned it...

Although some people were constantly showing up in the Live Streams, the viewership dropped slowly. 😞

I was getting a boost of likes on the tweets in which I was posting an image with the new certifications that I was getting (2-400 likes), but when I was going live I was still getting a low number of viewers and not a lot of new subscribers.

Nevertheless, I continued going through the sections and at the end I ended up covering all of the topics mentioned above. Which IMO is very useful for those who want to start but need a little help. They can just watch me do the same thing AND talk my reasoning behind it PLUS some extra tips&tricks.

So I thought that I should just create a tweet in which I'm going to list all of the topics and tell people that: "Hey... I got you covered if you want to learn these!".

The effort for this tweet was minimal... 5 minutes of work, but then the tweet just... EXPLODED!

I got more subscribers in 1 hour than I was getting in 1 day (and still counting... 🤞).

A couple of things to note about the tweet:

  1. It's broken down in 2 separate tweets
  2. The first tweet is the list of the technologies which you can learn from my channel - "shareable content"
  3. The second tweet contains the actual link to my YouTube channel PLUS a call-to-action: "subscribe"
  4. Didn't want to add the link inside the tweet because AFAIK Social Media platforms tend to not promote the links to outside sources that much, so I'm trying to avoid that

I hope this little experience of mine helps you too! Let me know if it does or if you have any questions! 😃

Twitter - florinpop1705
YouTube - florinpop

  1. 2

    Very nice! Do you find that streaming on YouTube helps the channel?

    I know before long livestreams decreased your average view duration which affected how much your channel was promoted on YouTube. Is that still the case?

    Thanks for the post! You inspired me to rethink a lot of my content! Also, subbed to you on YT!

    1. 1

      I honestly don't know how it affected it. I just did it cause it was easier than recording and it's also better (in some ways) for the viewers.

  2. 1

    That’s cool and all, but why so many back links to your content instead of just posting the tweet itself?

    1. 1

      Can you do that? 😅

  3. 1

    #4 is interesting and actionable. I'm gonna give it a try... Thanks!

    1. 1

      Let me know how it goes!

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