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How a Twitter flash sale made me $726 in 24 hours

This past week was shaping up to be a pretty low revenue week for Divjoy, so on Friday I decided to try to turn things around by doing 3-hour flash sale on Twitter. Here’s the tweet.

The deal initially brought in 4 sales within 3 hours. I was fairly happy with that so went on with my day, totally forgetting to actually disable the deal.. The next morning I woke up to 3 more sales and a bunch of questions from people interested in buying. Whoops, but a good mistake I guess. So I tweeted that I’d be keeping the sale going for 3 more hours, which ending up bringing in 7 more sales, half of which were people buying at full-price after the deal ended.

📈 In total the tweet brought in 14 sales (or $726) over 24 hours.

What worked 🙌

  • Urgency! From talking to customers afterwards it was clear that a good number of them were already considering buying Divjoy at some point. The limited time sale compelled them to grab it while it was discounted.
  • Having a personal relationship with customers. 5 existing customers retweeted my promotion. I don’t think this would have happened had I not invested a lot of time into talking to customers and staying in contact with them on Twitter.
  • Sharing the results. I shared stats on the number of click throughs and sales as a reply to my original tweet. People find this interesting (after all, I’m selling to other indie hackers), but it also has the effect of bumping the original tweet. I think this is likely what brought in 4 more sales after the deal ended.

What I’d do differently next time 🤔

  • I’d also announce the deal to the 2k people on the Divjoy mailing list. That would certainly drive more sales, but could also potentially amplify the promotion on Twitter if I linked to it. I didn’t do that this time because I wasn’t sure if the deal would be a flop and it felt safer just trying it out on Twitter.
  • Rather than just a single tweet listing the perks I’d try doing a thread of posts where I can share things like a video of the built-in editor, screenshots of code, links to things people have built with Divjoy, etc.
  • Lastly, I don’t think this is the kind of thing I can do every week or it starts to feel lame. I’d probably wait at least a month until trying this again.

Anyway, I hope this gives you all some ideas! Feel free to ask questions, share experience with these kinds of things, or tell me what I could have done better ✌️

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    This is great @Gabe. Thanks for sharing your experience. I think the combination of urgency and you being able to personally handle any issues from customers is a great combination.

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