How an "s" forced me to postpone my release

Hey fellow coders,
maybe you can relate to my story.
Last week was update week, meaning I was highly busy preparing everything for a new update of my app. Preparation went quite well and once I had all screenshots, texts, and videos ready for the update, I submitted it for approval by Apple. 2 days later it was approved and ready for release. I felt like I should do a final test to see if everything works as expected... that's when I discovered a new bug. My newly added widgets wouldn't refresh correctly. Despite all the tests that were done, one nasty bug slipped through. I checked the code and found the culprit - it was ONE tiny character. ONE character!!! I used the wrong name to refresh the widgets - in fact I used the plural, hence the additional character 's'. Arghhhhhhhh... ONE character! I still can't believe it.
Just wanted to tell this story... maybe you can relate. Never underestimate the power of ONE character. ;-)
Anyhow, just wanted to get this off my chest - have a great week y'all!

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    Yep. The other day I added a line of code somewhere and ended the line with a colon instead of a semicolon. Or something like that.

    Fun times.

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      Welcome to the club! :)

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