How are you building in public?

For those building in public, how and where are you choosing to do it?

What do you find works best?

Are there any specific stories that you feel work best?

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    I am building in public on twitter. I am trying to post regular updates, but it's hard. Some days I don't have much to share.

    I think posting every small win and failure matter, that way you can look back see all the silly incidents that made you almost quit.

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      Just followed you. Nice product. I just read this post. How has it been going the last 3 months?

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    I'm trying to take building in public to the extreme for my latest project (invoice.build) by open sourcing everything, the code, roadmap and analytics. To communicate that I'm just posting anything worth posting about progress on my personal Twitter.

    So far I don't have any specific insights but will hopefully see how it changes the dynamic of building over the next few weeks.

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    this is how i've done it:


    practically, this means sharing every week here on IH as a discipline.

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    To add to Rosie's post i'm curious as to those who build in public - do you find that it holds you more accountable and therefore you are more productive?

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      I'm not building in public, I don't have a thing to build in public, yet. But I put a comment on a post about this week's goals that I was going to release what I work on. So I wanted to finish it by time-boxing. Shared on IH, got ~7 views. I'm not sure if I be happy or not. That I didn't wasted more time or could I launch it better. To a hundred scale it kept me 10% accountable, no-one would have noticed if I didn't share it anyways so.

      Even if I have a following, I doubt anyone would say "boo you couldn't make it on time". So this build in public thing nothing but a marketing for me.

      And the others I saw usually share what they did, instead of what they will do. No accountability there too.

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      Hm... I was just posted about it today. I find that enthusiasm goes out the door quickly. Discipline and accountability is the only thing that can keep you going.

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    Hey Rosie,

    I gave an interview talking about how I build in public. Check this out: https://www.buildinpublic.xyz/interviews/how-sharath-went-from-being-a-prolific-maker-to-a-startup-operator-by-building-in-public

    TLDR: Experiment a lot, learn from them and share the insights openly.

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    I'm building in public on Twitter. I post my updates every day. So far it has been effective for me.

    I also have a post about me building in public here

    If you would like to checkout my tweets, my handle is mj_makes

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    I build gettheaudience.com in public, for founders and indie hackers.

    I tweet daily about the progress and about the stats like "users on the early access list" and "visitors on the website" (yes, vanity metrics, but let's see what happens after launch).

    On a public board, I show a roadmap of the features that I am currently working on, as well as the plan for the future. You can find the roadmap here

    You are all invited to join the Kanban board, request your own features that you need, and vote for existing items, there. This will be fun because I create the app for founders and indie hackers like you!

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    Hey Rosie,

    Saw your post on the daily digest. I posted something similiar earlier today: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/what-are-some-good-ways-to-start-out-building-in-public-3507c6732b

    A couple users left some interesting feedback & stories, feel free to check them out:)

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    We're trying to be everywhere - is that wrong?

    Twitter, FB, Insta, here... we even built a ProductHunt lander...

    Weirdly we get good engagement and conversion from LinkedIn!?... maybe that says something about or audience?

    The most compelling relationships though, happen through the Intercom & support on our platform & apps - those folk who see their feedback taken into account on future iterations... that's where the Build-in-Public gold is, imo. 💛

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    Building in public honestly sounds scary, especially because of Imposter Syndrome.

    But I've decided to gulp it down, and build it publically using LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Whenever I read a book or learn something new and apply into my startup, I try to make a status or tweet about how I implemented it.

    It's better to share how you used a particular info rather than simpy posting XYZ fact. This helps someone else gain new knowledge as well as some interest in your product.

    I've been doing this only recently, so yet to know how effective it is!

    Good luck for your building!

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    I am building in public here on IH and twitter - (inspired by Kevon Cheung's guide) regular updates as milestones, posts and discussions and comments on a pinned tweet.

    I would also like to comment on @zakclayton's great question - building in public makes me personally more accountable and also more productive, because I plan in more detail than usual.
    I am still a bit confused, since there is so much to do and to read (besides writing the software in my case), but I think with time every piece of the puzzle will come in its place. I just need to stay on it. 🙂

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    Just like many others here, I'm building in public via Twitter.
    #buildinpublic: [Comment on what I'm doing and my thoughts on it] JustFitness.io

    I follow the 2 blue rule when posting on Twitter.

    1 relevant hashtag
    1 link which is typically my URL.

    Each day I simply reply to my own post.

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    I'm BIP-ing by sending out a weekly newsletter.
    But I'm thinking I should also be posting a version of that in this BIP IH group since this is where all my kindred spirits are hanging haha

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    Yesterday, I decided to go public with alpha-testing, too. The software that I wrote still looks quite "early-stage" (embarrassing...) but I'd like to get feedback on it as early as possible: Does it give value to founders and indie hackers, or not?

    So, I am planning to do a live video stream with the alpha test. People can give me "tasks", and I will execute them with the software. You will be able to see it crash or see it work!

    I started to make that public, using this Twitter thread, here: https://twitter.com/GetTheAudience/status/1323767396763639809

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    I would like to get some advice on this topic too. Currently I am building in public
    It is a YouTube channel. I created a product with IH and updated the milestones weekly. Like to ask the members if this is the correct way or should I post it into this group instead.

    Also like to ask if it makes sense to have the content on a own blog too. Maybe for SEO purposes.

    My main objective is to get feedback.

    Thank you very much

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      Hi Bos,
      yes, it definitely makes sense to publish the videos on your blog. It keeps your readers interested!

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    I'm building calmcode.io but and although I'm building it somewhat publicly I prefer to do it in a calm manner.

    I've got a github repo where folks can submit issues. Once in a while I'll tweet when there's new content and I've got a mailing list with a few hundred folks on it that grows steadily. I've always hated it when folks that I follow become a constant spam of marketing so I limit my tweets to once a week on what I'm building there.

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    I shared a story last week of a recently failed project. It didn't get any engagement, but I'm not worried. It felt nice to write it out. here's the story: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/customer-support-matters-778bde55a1

    I'm working on a new project now and will be journaling here in in this IH group.

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    Last week I started posting daily updates to the Makerlog. So far it's only some texts, but I plan to share screenshots and videos too, the best ones will be copied to the new app's account in Twitter (inactive right now).

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    I recently re-positioned Mugshot Bot and invited folks to watch as I live-updated a Google doc. I then "open sourced" the template for the positioning document so others can use it to do their own positioing.

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    Posting daily (hourly? 😂) updates on the one hour saas youtube channel.

    Just a quick 5-10 min video on what I did that day.

    For me the 1 hour and daily update has been great, I always struggled with finding things to blog/post about, and now I have something I do almost automatically each day now.

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    I've recently started live streaming on twitch and then uploading the recordings to YouTube. I'm fairly new to it so haven't really had much in the way of viewers/followers as yet.

    I also post updates on Twitter and blog posts

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      What's your livestream setup? I've been thinking about this a bit and doing some videos. Haven't fully made it to live streaming yet though.

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        Its a pretty basic setup. Haven't got any special lights or cam, just using a bog standard logitech c920 web cam. The only thing I upgraded was the mic about 60 pounds as the webcam mic wasn't very good.

        I wanted to have a bit of background music in the stream/recording so it wasn't just me randomly talking so did that using software and virtual audio cables instead of buying expensive hardware. I did a blog post on that if you are interested at https://blog.boardiesitsolutions.com/fixing-audio-for-live-streaming-without-special-hardware/

        I'm hoping to get a new GPU as mines quite old and slightly struggled with larger videos and then that way I can use Nvidia broadcast in the streams that will remove background to avoid needing to buy a greenscreen as not a lot of space.

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          Yeah I picked up the c920 too - didn't know it had a mic in it!

          What about your software setup?

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            I'm pretty sure mines a c920 anyway lol.

            I use OBS (https://obsproject.com/) to capture the webcam and screen and sound etc.

            I created my own starting/be right back and finished slides to show at intervals during the stream so not bought any twitch overlays or anything like that.

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              Just checked out your profile, looks like we're in similar situations (IT freelancers wanting to build products!)

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                I'm not a freelancer, I'm employed full time, I'm just trying to build a side project and hope to sell it, with possibly the aim of being to do it full time. :)

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              Nice man, what's your stream link? I'll check it out next time you're live. I've also been playing around with OBS. I've made a few scenes and have recorded for offline.. but haven't configured any livestreaming yet.

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                Its twitch.tv/boardy89 and I upload the recordings of the stream to YouTube, not sure if anyone else does that but seemed like a good idea but not sure any one views it lol but you can find that at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxtIhVdhxM7aQRPsIQuwgQVrYTiplR2cj

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    We're just starting our build in public journey for Pixie Brix, a browser extension/platform for extending web apps with low-/no-code

    One major part of our approach is that we've open-sourced our browser extension on Github: https://github.com/pixiebrix/pixiebrix-extension. We expect that it will foster community, enable contributions, and help hold us accountable

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    I'm pretty early in my process but my strategy is basically to build out a newsletter and a youtube channel.

    My audience is developers that are interested in productivity and self-improvement at work.

    I started a newsletter where I update what's happening with the app building and marketing process. I wrote about how I got my first newsletter subscribers here on indiehackers. (I leveraged my background as a developer without a degree to get featured on a fellow IH's website).

    Also just commenting on indie hackers and HN seem to be doing alright. I put my newsletter in my bio on HN and just participate in the platform. Sometimes random people will go to my newsletter page from a comment I left :)

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