Remote Workers July 21, 2020

How are you doing daily standups with your team?

Horizon Technologies @horizontech

Given that most of us working from remote, how you folks doing daily standup? (Do you use Slack to do or Zoom or anything else?) Also, is it synchronous or asynchronous?

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    We use our own tool and its fully asynchronous so not really a standup.

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      very cool.

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    Hey, we use MS Teams and as the scrum master I've found that that this works for us:

    1. We meet at the same time every day (9.30 am)
    2. Everyone writes down the daily in a channel called Daily
    3. The template used for that is: What I did yesterday?, What I'm going to today?, Blockers.
    4. Everyone reads what the others wrote and asks if there are any questions.
    5. Before leaving the meeting I always ask if there any more questions for me or about the features being made (double-check).

    By having the daily written down it's easier for us to track down what happened during the retros or if someone goes away on Holliday for example.

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      Thanks for the detail. Really helps. Anything that you do to make it less monotonous?

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        Sometimes we start by talking about some articles that we've read, news, videos, or things like that to make it more enjoyable before the daily start, but it's not an easy task.

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          totally. Thanks.