How are you *feeling* right now? (a safe space to check-in)

I'll be honest, I've been feeling a little tired and burned out this week.

I just decided to close my (albeit small) membership community, I launched/have been setting up my first paid programme recently, hopefully will have my book finished soon, plus the usual BAU activity for INF club (including various calls/recordings).

I think lots of my overwhelm comes from the pressure I put on myself to be responsible for other people (whether it's someone I've recorded with, or folks in my community, or the 50 contributors who've taken part in the aforementioned book I'm putting together).

I hit a mini-wall this week and crashed. It goes something like this:

  • plate is already full enough
  • I add more things to plate
  • plate is too full to manage, and I go from working on everything to not feeling like doing anything, and just zoning out / numbing / avoiding the overwhelm (unhealthy screen-time / procrastination), rather than just sit with it or let myself do less (silly Jas)

I'll need to go pretty slow and chill for the rest of the week... and remind myself not to put that pressure on myself.

I've been going back to basics and journalling (see number #3) this week.

I'm sharing this to share how I feel, both for myself and for others. Feelings are important, and I think we'd all be better off if we listened to our bodies a bit more. This is one of the ways in which journalling can be so powerful.

Here's to a happy April - whether you're flying high right now or having a bit of a dip ✌️

Take a minute to pause for a moment, and ask yourself:

How am I feeling right now?

  1. 4

    Thanks for asking! Feeling weird. We are back in a lockdown in France so I already miss being outside. On a better note, I moved into a house (I used to live in an apartment) so at least I can work in my garden 🪴

    1. 3

      Yeah, I heard about the new France lockdown... my walks have helped keep me sane during our lockdown. I was doing some work in my garden this week too. Spring is beginning to emerge here.

  2. 4

    not good, in the past one year I am seating home alone and therese is no option to socialize.

    But in terms of coding it is good, had a lot of time to learn

    1. 3

      Ah, we've been in a lockdown here (again) in the UK since Jan started. I can't wait until I can be in different places again (gym, places to work/eat).

  3. 4

    like shit. ive been coming up with ideas instead of solutions.

    1. 3

      i feel delusional..

    2. 2

      You might be in a space where you just need to play with one of those ideas (don't think about the monetization), and see how that feels. Starting with one of those ideas that you feel drawn to ("the pull") could be an idea.

  4. 3

    Soft launch is on monday, still far from finish. I haven't reach out to potential collaborators. Some of them are here. I've been working on this for 2 years. I think it's time.

    1. 2

      You've got this, David. Give yourself some space around the launch (before and after), it'll feel a little bumpy if it's your first... but you'll feel good for hitting 'go'.

    2. 2

      Sounds exhausting. Could you launch on Monday no matter what?

  5. 2

    I was feeling pretty down every day for a period in my life. Turns out I had low energy levels, for which CBD products are a good treatment. After deciding to Buy CBD products from Aifory, I started feeling better. Thankfully, their products don't contain any THC, so there's no psychoactive components, just a strong feeling of relaxation and energy.

    1. 1

      Thank you for sharing, & I'm glad you're feeling better

  6. 2

    Good initiative.

    Feel like the days are flying by a bit fast currently so it's all just turning into one big blob looking back but at least the weather is getting better out 🤙

    1. 3

      yeah, time is kinda being weird right now... the last year has gone by slowly/quickly at the same time. Spring is slowly emerging here in the UK, sunshine is helping!

  7. 2

    Thanks so much for this post! And your positive comments below are wonderful.
    I had to take a break yesterday afternoon as I could feel myself dipping into a trough of negativity. Watched a movie, played a video game, took off early for kid duty so my wife could get an early start on her work.

    1. 1

      Thank you for checking in - and well done for giving yourself that break you needed. Sounds like you gave yourself permission to relax for a bit. We all need to do more of that :)

  8. 2

    I think I feel default right now. I have a lot going on, but that's everyday, even when I don't have any work.

    1. 1

      Hey man - I honestly think this is part of what comes with our creative/intuitive 'types'. Do you do any meditation/yoga at all? Both have helped me - I ought to carve out more time for either of those.

      1. 2

        Meditate at least once a day!

  9. 2

    First week at new job whilst also juggling my community building cohort course. I'm better now I've gotten through the week, but oof, new challenges is a bit of a shock to my system, more mentally than anything else.

    1. 1

      I tend to feel a bit 'uprooted' when anything new happens (a transition in job, location, etc). Hope you manage some chill-time this bank hol weekend.

  10. 2

    I extended my easter holiday by two days so I could work on my project.

    Then I start feeling a bit stuffy, my family is confirmed to have covid and I sent off a covid test.

    On the first day of my "workcation" I feel like garbage and this morning I received confirmation that I have it too. Feeling good now but the headaches come and go. I am getting things done when the headaches let me work, but I'm really annoyed that I can't fully do what I planned.

    I'm also extremely thankful that my covid is of the mild kind, and that my family seem to be doing well too (knock on wood).

    But... very annoying.

    1. 1

      Ah, that does sound frustrating. Hope it disappears soon, you might just need to listen to your body & take it easy for a few days.

  11. 2

    Powerful post, thanks for the honesty and vulnerability Jas. I can relate to a lot of it as well — i think the pandemic and the health, societal and cultural effects weigh on us in more ways than we can measure. Taking a moment to gain perspective is a great suggestion. Thanks for the reminder and so glad to hear reflection.app (https://www.indiehackers.com/product/reflection-app-by-holstee) has been a helpful tool along the way.

    1. 2

      Thanks, Dave. I feel like - as much as ever - is a time for us to be take a moment to gain some perspective, as you nicely put it. My preferred way is to handwrite, but reflection app has been the most frictionless experience (as close to the handwritten experience) I've come across, btw. I think it's really cool to use as an intentional activity after powering on the laptop, vs diving straight into work/laptop stuff.

  12. 2

    I feel lacking when i don't have much going on in my life outside of working on a screen. It was vibrant before corona and a lot of stuff was happening without me planning or putting in extra effort, now its quite hard and that makes it all the more difficult to focus on work.

    1. 2

      Honestly, I feel like the pandemic situation has made it real easy for us to focus on work/a screen (I know it has for me), and not much else. I try to leave the house each day for a walk at lunchtime. Even just 15/30mins makes a difference.

  13. 2

    I've been feeling super-tired for weeks. Pushed too hard and was stressed out. I'm feeling bad because my product still isn't on the market after almost two years. But there's still light at the end of the tunnel. We decided to try and convince investors for a pre-seed. I'm not stoked about it (would have preferred to continue bootstrapping), but I sank too much money into that project already; it's either that or abandoning it right away...

    I'm also getting behind schedule on my series of books. I wanted to spend more time with the kids these last two weeks. I probably shouldn't feel bad since I can still get back on track and I only got a handful of preorders so far.. But still ;-)

    1. 2

      Have you tried giving yourself a couple of weeks off, Sebastien? A little space/perspective might help you re-calibrate and realise which way to go from here (when we're super-busy, our brain takes over and our body kinda feels numb). Some time with the kids/just doing nourishing stuff might really help.

      Re: the book, don't feel bad - they'll wait :) That's why I didn't choose pre-orders, though, because I put enough pressure on myself already lol. (My books has ~50 contributors, so I feel enough pressure already to deliver for them).

      1. 2

        Good points ;-)

        Covid is tiresome for everyone; even introverts like me.

        1. 1

          yup! I actually miss the energy of the gym/gym cafe tbh. I've also noticed many in this community are iNtuitive introverts (INxx personality types), and I'd suspect a bunch of those might be highly sensitive

  14. 2

    Tired. I keep falling asleep on the chair while working...

    As you say, it might he time to listen to our bodies...at the end if the day we are humans.

    1. 2

      Honestly dude, switch off earlier and get some sleep. Have you read Thrive?

      "Arianna Huffington's personal wake-up call came in the form of a broken cheekbone and a nasty gash over her eye -- the result of a fall brought on by exhaustion and lack of sleep. "

  15. 2

    You are right; indeed, we need to listen to our bodies and not underestimate them.

    I have been having this little pain in my upper back and neck, and all I want to do this weekend is just relax!

    1. 2

      Check out Adriene's YouTube videos! There are 10-minute ones, including a neck/upper back/shoulders one which I love (try that daily for a week and see how that feels). Child's pose w/ side stretches is also a great one for restoration vs laptop use.

  16. 2

    Yes, I can relate. Sometimes I'm already doing too much and then someone asks for feedback on their project and I'll just add it to my list. I'll have to say no more when it comes to that.

    But good for you that you recognize you're doing too much and try to act accordingly. Recognizing it is the first step to change. :)

    1. 2

      Learning to say no is a huge one. I'm constantly working on managing my digital boundaries, as I really feel other people's "stuff", even online.

      1. 2

        Totally relate to that!

        You'll get there. :)

  17. 2

    ps. Shoutout to reflection.app; you can make it the first thing you do when you switch your laptop on, to 'check in' before you dive into your day. Here's an email reminder I got sent recently.

  18. 1

    Way better than this same time last year for sure.

    1. 1

      that's awesome to hear (and a great perspective to take); I hope this continues for you.

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