How are you, Indie Hackers?

It's been a while since I came here. Life kept me really busy...

And oh my god... Where's that Milestones page? That's what I liked most about IH here, seeing fellow makers shipping stuff : (

--> So anyway, how are you all? How are your projects doing?

The last time I checked with you all and your products was 2 or 3 months ago

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    Hey Dinakar, yeah me too I loved the milestone feature, but now it's buried. I felt more motivated to share about my progress when it felt less like a "news site" 😅.

    Still building logology. We're cautiously optimistic as our latest changes seem to be moving the needle. We redid our landing page and people seem to understand / convert more now. Approaching 100 customers even without promoting anything for the past few months.

    Finishing up the last couple features before official launch, which should be a fun ride :).

    What are you up to now?

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      Your landing page is more engaging than before. You could actually add some white space around your primary CTA though.

      It's kinda crowded and I missed it at first sight. For a really good CTA like this, it should be made "un-missable". Have you also tested the obvious CTAs say 'define your brand' 'start building your logo' and similar ones?

      For us, there's still a lot of exploration and experiments going on. For instance, I'm going to move my key revenue generator UseOutreach.com under one brand as Hatrio.com and sales.hatrio.com.

      Will try and market all my projects (both b2c and b2c mixed) at Hatrio. It's going to give a marketplace vibe and so many advised not to do it. But still, I'm crazy and going to do it, and thrive if the results are positive or learn if the idea of mixing up fails.

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        Thanks for the advice, I'll test the CTA soon.

        Really curious to see what happens with your merging of properties. As long as you have separate landing pages I think it can be beneficial to have one big brand instead of many little ones.

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    Hey Dinakar, I'm good. Taking a break was an advice I've been getting so I took it and went off radar for a month. It wasn't so wise since there were nothing much to turn back to. It shouldn't be a month long but well 🤷‍♂️.

    This week, it's almost the same as the first days I've joined indiehackers without the excitement for sure. I don't know what should I do or what to focus on. I keep reading, can't decide if I try to pivot my existing ideas. Keep thinking for new ones yet nothing comes out.

    How about you, how are you doing? I've checked to see how your domain business is going. Site was down when I tried.

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      Nice to hear from you after a long time. Did you find traction from any of your projects? Or maybe did you shift focus onto one project yet?

      Thanks for checking man. It's intentionally down now. I have shut it down for the time being. Maybe will bring it back up in some time.

      To my surprise, someone from Product Hunt actually checked it 😇 and he let me know
      The Netly Domains Website is down

      So now, I'm like did I just shut down a good project that's getting interested traffic 🤔

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        I've been playing with blender, making dumb animations for fun. No traction or no projects to focus on yet.

        I don't get the domain market but it's always on, so keep your doors open. You never know when they'll come to buy.

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