April 8, 2019

How can I find first users?


My name is Bartek and I'm software engineer from Poland.

I have created my first product- https://biggerquery.com/

BiggerQuery is Google Cloud Composer plugin, that allows creating BigQuery workflows with zero unnecessary code.

Idea came from my own experience, observations and talking with analysts in company I work for. I found out that technical skills of data analysts are very often limited to SQL. What is more, most open source big data tools I worked with are really hard to handle for people without any software engineering background. GCP on the other hand is most user friendly big data environment I worked with and I see huge potential in the whole platform. That is why I created BiggerQuery, to make life of data analysts easier, making use of GCP as a platform to extend.

How can I find first users for my plugin? Should I keep adding features until I attract users? When should I say stop and realise that it's now about missing features but idea as a whole is not attractive? Should I start ad words campaign?

I started from posting on reddit bigquery group and stackoverflow.