July 7, 2020

How can I give more?

Dilshod Turobov @deebov

Hey Indie Hackers 👋

I recently realized the power of giving. Giving valuable things, for absolutely free. E.g. tutorials, open-source libraries, tips, and even feedbacks. I am sure y'all know it better than me 😊

So, I've been wondering how I can start giving. Any tips or advice is very appreciated 😊

(Quick intro about me: 19 y.o. software developer, building a design system builder/manager)

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    Hi Dilshod, I'm trying to do the same, using my Twitter and also here on IH. How? Sharing content. Engaging in conversations with others. I am also involved in the social entrepreneurship group, learning a lot. The power of giving back is incredible. Win-win situation.

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      Hey Leo, thanks for sharing this😊
      I enjoyed your story about "dreamed meaningless life". TBH, I started to realize this after reading Happiness equation by Neil Pasricha recently. I left my job two months ago. And it taught me why "work" is not something I "have to" do but something that gives me joy.