Design and UX February 28, 2020

How can i hire someone to improve the design?


Hi everyone,
I am a newbie for UI/UX
I hired a developer to a saas project and the product is working great and will launch soon but the UI is a little ugly, my question is how can I hire someone to improve the design, should he be a frontend developer or UX/UI designer or what ? And where can i find them ? :)

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    Would you be interested in getting a young design student to make it for free? Im about to launch a platform for this.

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      this 👆

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    This won't be super helpful since you already built it but designers usually like to be involved in the creation too. It avoids them becoming the people that just "make it prettier." A big question would be, are you willing to make changes this person suggests or just give it a facelift?

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    Hi, well it seems like you're really putting all the work for your product to be great before it launches. So I have a few questions for you to help you move forward:

    Do you already have a brand articulation?
    How does the current UI/UX helps in giving the users a smooth experience?
    Does it deliver across and communicate well the value that you offer?

    If you need help with this, let me know.

  4. 1 also offer a lot of freelancer who can both do front end and design for you.

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    We started Froggodoggo to bring together companies looking for developers (incl. UI) and indie hackers who are looking for a side gig. Maybe it can be helpful in your case?

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    I used upwork with some success, create a fixed price job and ask for drafts, choose the one you liked. Make sure to put a concrete end goal.

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