Growth February 14, 2020

How can i make 20k/m become 50k/m


I have a lead generation business, i mostly work with insurance sellers, i'm currently managing 30 clients with a 20k revenue.

My current strategy is facebook and google ads, generate leads, call those lead, show the results i'm getting with their "competitors" and try to close my services.

I charge from 500 to 800/m for a lead generating champain setup, and currently i work with 2 employees 1 handles money other handles backoffice and client support.

1 issue that i have is low client retation, only 20% of my clients stick around, many of them just keep the strategy without me since everything i do is on their ads accounts, do you guys have any toughts on client retation?

Since i have low retation i have to constantly getting more clients and not having too much time to expend my clients marketing strategy, making my service more useful

How can i make clients need me forever if he can just turn on the ads that i created and keep generation leads without me?

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    You mention they leave because you give them all the tools they need to run it themselves. It you do a good job at getting leads so instead of getting them set up, run everything on your own account. Make a couple landing pages that you send people to and then share the lead with them.

    Another option would be to take that a bit further and just be a giant lead gen for insurance company. Then instead of doing work for any one client, you just keep getting leads and sell them to anyone that is willing to pay for them. That's what Zillow does.

    Finally, you could pivot into becoming an educational company for ads instead and sell courses, then upsell people into more advanced courses etc.

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    Record yourself doing the service, turn that into a step by step SOP, have a VA do it, fix what doesn’t work until it does and then you are removed from delivery.

    Now you can raise your prices and value, set clear expectations And spend your time on delivering value and finding dope clients.

    Then after you bring on the right amount of clients for your goals, you can remove yourself from the marketing and or sales process.


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    There is not enough data, but from what you have written you sell an optimization service that can be used perpetually or one-time?

    If so, then introduce a "maintenance" service, where the customer pays 20% of the original price each month for maintenance, optimization, and consulting.

    I assume the majority of customers will go for it which will generate you a steady income.

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    Some ideas (without knowing the specifics of your service):

    • test signing them on 2-3mo contracts so that you'll be able to show them the long-term impact of your services

    • work on the positioning of your offer - that it will have a greater impact with time (if it really does)

    • offer some add-ons

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    I think in the long term you need to create some assets so that they need you -your mailing list or site that generates leads.

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    Hire some people who do the calls for you. This way you can convert more leads in The same time

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    Maybe you can have a mailing list that they can subscribe to so they can keep up with the latest strategies in managing the ad campaigns you set up. If you are the expert then they might be willing to get tips and tricks for a low monthly fee.