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How can I stop all these email requests?

I run a job board that's made of paid listings from employers, and some listings that are curated manually, for free. Paid listings have lots of advantages over free listings, like getting pinned to the top of the homepage, their own logo, promotion in newsletter etc.

The problem is I keep on getting emails from employers asking to list their jobs for free, as opposed to paying. I don't mind doing this occasionally, but the work involved in staying on top of the requests is really draining.

How can I stop all these emails? I was thinking of adding an FAQ explaining that I can't accept requests, but I'm not sure how to go about wording it. I also thought I could add a form for free requests with the caveat that there's no guarantee their job will be listed on the site, but think that could only lead to trouble because some employers will get angry if their job isn't included.

Does anyone have any advice on what I can do?

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    I never had this issue when I ran my board. The only reason I could think of is you offered a free version or trial. It's difficult to give the right a swer without seek G your job board. What's you job board? . Feel free to DM if you don't want to post on public.

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