Product Development February 14, 2020

How can I test my product?



I am non technical newbie trying to make a hotel system saas.

I hired a developer to make the saas and he is working in laravel framework, my question is how can I test the product and make sure there are no bugs after he finish the development?

And can a non technical build a saas by hiring freelances ?

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    You can record selenium scripts and run without any code. You can build a saas without technical background but it is harder than the other.

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    Go through the whole workflow to make sure it works as expected. Or hire a freelance tester. Keep in mind there is no bug-free code in the universe.

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    I would consider hiring a third party not only to test the work but confirm that the project/product is secure and meets the requirements you set.

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    If you have money, there is no reason why you can't pay someone to build a product. It is not easy, and things can often go wrong. Finding good reliable people is often the hardest bit.

    With regards to testing - nothing will ever be bug free. Generally you should want to test on a base set of browsers / mobiles. You could probably do a chunk of it yourself, going through all the user flows you can think of, seeing if it works as you would expect.

    The other option would be to hire a freelance software tester to help you out.

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