How can technical co-founders give up on coding & become CEO? Isn't CEO job much boring to them?

I started a startup so I can learn how to code to see if coding is for me. I soon found my passion - coding. I loved the fact that every day is a new challenge & a new problem to solve with deep work. Then the startup (BeTimeful) required more business work for it to survive & thrive so I had to make the transition but that was fine cause I could just be CTO & CEO at the same time.

Now that the startup is taking off, I've to give up more & more on the coding side (my passion) & do more the business side just like how it unfolded with Zuckerberg or Dorsey. But I CAN'T get how those folks & other technical founders made the transition?! Is writing emails, negotiating, managing politics & people, interviewing people/users, and marketing really more fun than programming to people who are engineers at heart like Zuckerberg, Dorsey & others? "Please don't get me wrong, I am not saying & would never say those stuff aren't important/valuable, I am only saying it might not be as fun for a person who just want to solve/build"

I know that I can be the best leader as I brought this startup to life & I am technical but is it really worth it? I'm really seeking your advice as I can't find much on this topic but can see it as a common problem.

A question I've been asking for myself rn is:
"If I were to not get paid for x amount of years, which role would I choose? I wouldn't even think twice about doing a CTO" but I don't think Zuckerberg would pick CEO yet he's been a very successful person.

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