How did you come up with your idea?

I joined Indie Hackers today! I want to commit to making something in 2021, but IDK what to make!

My first idea that I want to explore is idea generation itself! Where do you go for inspiration or to get MVP ideas?! If I can understand what others do, I might get a few ideas how to help myself and others!

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      Wow, it's a long one too! Thanks, I'll take a look!

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    Hey Clyde. Welcome to the community!

    Personally my best approach is to look for painful problems among a community that has money to spend and will even prepay for an undeveloped product. That shows real potential for a business idea.

    Check out our podcast,

    as well as the others in the Indie Hackers Podcast Network.

    On the podcast we invite 7+ figure founders to share their best business ideas and talk through what it would take to start them.

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    Hi Clyde.

    My name is Ricardo, and with my friend Martin were generating some mobile apps as side projects since 2014.

    We started with a Jokes app ( shorturl.at/gpEGJ ) adn in that case the idea was there as it was a simple way to do an app with free content that we could get from internet.

    After some years with the app Google made it disappear from the top chart and we decided to create another jokes app but for all ages ( shorturl.at/wBFKZ )
    In this case, the idea was almost the same as the first one, just a few changes in the code and images, and published it.

    This year we laucnhed a new app called "Tweetline Podcast" ( shorturl.at/cAFT1 ) that lets you have your twitter read by the app.

    In this third app the idea came brainstorming about how we could get an app that had rich content but at the same time we would not need to manage the content creation and maintenance.

    In general, what I think is the best way to get ideas is to constantly talk about new ideas with a partner or friend.

    Hope it helps.

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      Thanks for sharing! I can see how brainstorming with other people or a partner can work well! I've done that in the past with friends, though we were never serious about making anything. That does help!

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        Exactly, that happens too. Sometimes you talk about ideas but the difficult part is to execute them. For that, what I recommend is to invite a friend you think would be a good partner to participate with you in an online training. In our case all these journey started (although we knew from years) doing together an "Android Mobile App development training " in Coursera in 2014

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