How did you find your mentor?


I am Adithya. I left my job recently, and am hoping to startup soon. I have come across a lot of advice to find mentors who have done this already, and can help guide.

My questions:

  1. how did you meet your mentor and build a relationship with them
  2. how has it helped you (or not helped you)
  3. if you have not had a mentor, what is your view on this
  4. any advice on how I could go about finding a mentor

for context: I'm ~8 years experienced, was heading engineering (~50 members) at a startup till recently. No real sales, marketing experience yet.

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    Hey @adithyak, when I was making Sparrow (a founder mentorship platform), I made sure to choose advisors who've actually built out tech companies with real revenue. The best way to find a mentor, is to try and find someone in your vertical who is 2-4 years ahead of you and get on a short 15 min call to understand if it's a match for you / if they're willing to mentor you for free or $.

    That's the best way. Otherwise, you could always send 20-30 cold emails a month to people asking them for a few minutes of their time. Which is why we built Sparrow to cut down on that extra effort, so you can spend more time executing on the advice you're given and less time finding the right people.

    Get in touch if you'd like man!

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    1. Finding a mentor is a lot of trial and error. Everyone wants a mentor, a few are willing to actually take the actions a mentor is providing. I found mine early in my career. You also need to define what a mentor truly means to you. It is an investment of time that translates to money.
    2. A few mentor relationships helped in bouncing ideas, finding solutions to problems at work and home. Most didn't as there wasnt really any follow through from the mentor. The mentor needs to be invested in your overall success.
    3. First decide what mentorship you need. Mentorship is a step by step process, so find someone who is at the next stage of the career your foresee, not someone who is 5 steps ahead.
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