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How do I accept recurring payments as I am from India and have no registered business?

Saurabh @nix2020

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I am working on a "customer support" product which is dedicated to small to medium business owners, startups, where they can setup their business and can provide support to their customers by chat, or in the form of tickets.

My hurdles is i am working 9 to 5 and i don't hold registered business. so, can i release the product without holding registered business??

I am based out of INDIA. So, how can i process the subscription/ onetime international payment. I have my PAYPAL BUSINESS account, through which i can process payment but under Terms and Condition it says, business account can process "FreeLancing Payments".

I am afraid, if PAYPAL will block my accounts in Future, because now a days, many peoples got their paypal account blocked. Is there any alternative solution other than PAYPAL for India?

Also, is there any Law which prohibits me from doing business or receive payments, i am just little worried.

Well, the application is currently hosted at, it's my dummy domain, deciding domain name is also a challenging task.

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    Fastspring and Paddle are also good options. They will act as resellers between you and your customers. You can accept, let's say Paypal payments, then Fastspring pays you out on Payoneer.

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      ok, let me see into these 2 services, well thank you fro letting me know.

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    Use Stripe. They have opened it for India. You can use it as an individual.

    No need to register business

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      Looks like Stripe just opened it for India.
      Well, thank you for the information.

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