How do I Build a Beverage Company in Public?

Hi, am an indie lurker slowly coming out of my shell. Am helping my wife build a beverage company, anewblend. Does this qualify for Indie Hackers? There is a tone of stuff to figure out, one of them is: How do I build in public?

A little background, we started two months ago, mostly selling at farmers' markets to validate. So far, great feedback and we have a few loyal customers. Am the technical/legal/accounts guy during nights and weekends. She is everything else as her full-time gig.

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    Your second paragraph (above) is a good example of "building in public." It's a little story about what you've done so far to build this company. Follow it up regularly with updates on what you're doing, where you're going, the efforts you go through to get the best ingredients, why you're doing what you do, etc. Maybe you could even tell people where and when they can sample one of your beverages...

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      Thank you @HansDR for the great tips.

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    To be an indie hacker is to start building a business off your own back to serve customers directly. You have no boss telling you what to do and you have no VC funding holding your feet over the coals. So yes, you qualify.

    Your build in public would be like everyone else's; regularly reporting progress via twitter, Instagram, blog or wherever. Share the ups and downs. Be genuine.

    Product looks good. Looks like it will be a fun venture. Best of luck.

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      Thank you @rab. My social marketing skills are a little rusty, learning how hackers leveled up their sales skills has boosted my confidence that I can do it to.

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