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How do I build audience before launch?

Pankaj Patidar @IndiePankaj

I'm making and it's a B2B tool and want to build an email list before launch.

I don't have any popular social handle, neither a popular blog.

What should be my initial steps to drive traffic on my landing page and how long do you estimate it to take to build an email list of 500 fans?

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    To echo other comments here - communities where your target audience hangs out was where most of our early users came from. That includes:

    However, it is easy to get this wrong! Lots of people land in a community, post a link to their product upcoming, and then bounce. That might get you a short term sign up or two, but in the long run you'll run out of communities to spam. And there is a lot of overlap in these communities, so people will begin to recognize you as a spammer.

    So definitely make sure you are there to add value first, and be a good community member. Share your insights and experiences, help people solve problems. Better yet, turn these insights into content that you can then share in other communities.

    If you build a bit of social capital, not only do you have a better audience, but you can also use that to do user interviews, build relationships with these early users, have them be more willing to give you there time. I wrote up some other tips here.

    I'd also preface this with, in my opinion the goal of this audience shouldn't be about vanity metrics like pre-registrations, or web traffic, but actual engaged people who will give you feedback and want to use your product.

    Lots of people sign up for a product launch, and then move on/forget about it. So focus early on quality of the audience > quantity (again in my opinion).

    Hope that's helpful!

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      this post was super useful :-)

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      Thank you Matt, great resource. The community list would be really helpful.

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    @IndiePankaj I faced the same issue where I began building my productivity tool Brutask ( One of the most successful methods I have used to generate traffic was through Indiehackers itself! :)

    You can start posting over here and share your daily journey in building and optimzing the product. That should generate the initial trafffic. However, you will have to build social media channels for exponential growth.

    Try various hashtags on Twitter as well because Twitter has really good people who are great at one on one conversations!

    Hope that helps!

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      I've been struggling with the same form my product Eurekea( My IH, subreddits posts are pure hit-or-miss(if hit then I get traffic for few days and then it drops again). But Twitter is always a miss for me- tried with multiple hashtags; still didn't work for me.
      @siddhitaupare can you share some tips from your Twitter success? Also, how do you manage (& find enough content & time for post) daily posting on the progress?

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        A big part of this method is to stay consistent @Parivraajak. You need to keep the activity regular in order to main the numbers. After a certain point, people start talking about your product automatically.

        As for twitter, I am currently experimenting heavily. However, I would highly recommend you to check out Daniel Vassallo's Twitter Course on Gumroad!

        It's one of the popular course I've come across on indiehacker. Haven't don the course myself but if you google up, you'll find ton of testimonials!

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      Thank you @siddhitaupare, Great advice.
      I started with IndieHacker and similar tools recently like ProductHunt, MakerLog, Quora etc to build community and awareness around my app and share my progress regularly.

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    Believe me just start don't waste time on thinking and don't waste time on planning just start and eventually you will figure out, getting started is the key here.

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      Thanks Malav, I'm actively working on the MVP while building audience in parallel.
      My goal is to launch by the end of the next month.

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        great, best wishes buddy:)

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    Try Ship Feature on Producthunt. ✨🌈

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      Thank you, I'll give it a try.

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    Linkedin is good for b2b. It's important to focus on businesses that are likely to have some spare cash...

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      Thanks @technopreneur, I'll definitely start with linkedin.
      Although I think it is difficult to reach right audience on linkedin as it's a big player in networking market.

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        Better to talk to a few people who can pay you than to a lot of people who are broke...

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          I agree, thanks for the great advice.

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