How do I find first 10 and first 100 users

I have learned a lot of SaaS businesses from this site. I tried one idea in Oct. 2020, but could not get any traction. No one signed up :-|

I have least amount of personal network. I am working at a corporate job which is okay. I

Who do I reach out to? How do I find people who are willing to try my service and pay me for it? What channels shall I use? I do not have any subscriber list.

As someone looking to boostrap a business, how can I get first 10 and first 100 users?

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    If you want to hear from someone who knows way more than me, check out this post by Patrick McKenzie on this subject.

    For a different take, I subscribe very heavily to the "attention" theory. The theory goes that you need to either create a place where people pay attention, or go to a channel where they are paying attention.

    What's your niche - video games? Subreddits and Discord. Small businesses? Conferences, LinkedIn, their email box. Programmers? Google, meetups.

    Where are your customers spending their attention? When are they exchanging money for things? How do they make that decision? Can you just talk to them directly and figure out whether your solution helps them? Figure this out and you'll find at least 10 people.

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      This is helpful. I will keep this mind.

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    Let's start with who your target market is. Who are they, are they companies or consumers?

    If companies, who in the company do you serve. Search for those people at those companies on linked in.

    If consumers, where do they hang out online. What other services do they use. Find their online groups.

    If you get more detailed I can be more specific too. :)

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    There is no one-size-fits-all approach for this. Each business is going to be unique. Can you share a bit more info about what your product is, who your target audience is, what sort of competition you face, what your price point and profit margins look like, etc.?

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