How do I get my first 10 users?

Hey guys,
I just finished the redesign of my whole site based on the feedback I had gotten from my last testing phase 2 months ago.

I just started a Google Ads campaign to get people to my site.

Any suggestions to drive traffic to my site and get users for my SaaS (outside of Google Ads)?

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    Besides Ads (Google, Facebook, ect.), you can reach out to communities for free:

    • Facebook groups, Slack, or Discord channels where your target audience active.
    • Sites like Betalist, Product Hunt, IndieHackers

    What is your product? What is it about?

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      Thanks for your input!

      I'm currently on Product Hunt and IndieHackers, but I'll have to check out Betalist too. I've also started being more active on different forums where my target audience hangs out. Reddit, mostly. I'll have to look into Facebook and Slack groups though.

      My product is a CRM for businesses that lets you choose your own features via "apps" and "addons". In a sense, you build your own CRM with the apps you choose.

      Because my product can be used by almost anyone with a business (except very-specialized businesses), I'm still working on which demographic to focus on.

      I'm stuck between solopreneurs that want something basic, and small businesses that want something that gives them the power to choose their own features.

      You can check out my site if you're interested: www.suniscrm.com

      Again, thanks for your input!

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        Good one Albert. Choose one that works for you and focus on it is hard.

        Best of luck with SuniSRM

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    When redesigning the website, did you talk to actual customers? Can you reach out to them to get your first users?

    What is the problem that you're addressing and who are the users that have it? The best way to reach your customers is to go wherever the people that have the problem that you solve hang out.

    I'm actually working on to start something around helping entrepreneurs reach customers and finding the real problems those people have. If you're interested, I'd be more than happy to have a video call with you. We might be able to help each other :)

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      I did my redesign based on what I saw users were having issues with when I did my first launch. These users were from Google Ads, and left the platform after they had the issues.

      The problem I am addressing is the lack of flexibility and customization in today's CRM's (Customer Relationship Management). Most CRM's have pre-set plans and features, and getting an advanced feature can often be too expensive. I had this problem when I ran my own business a few years ago.

      So, I built an app-based CRM that let's you choose your own features through a "build your own" model.

      I'm trying to figure out where business owners and solopreneurs hang out. I guess IndieHackers would be one of those places.

      I would definitely be interested in what you're working on! Thanks for your help.

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    exactly what @hieunc is saying. Launch to communities for free, but even before that you can grab your family or friends or colleagues and get them to use and pay for your product. Having that small win of finding what someone will pay you for is huge and helps people get over mental blocks

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      Thanks for your input!

      Unfortunately, my SaaS is geared towards businesses, so most of my family and friends wouldn't be able to use it.

      I do have a few people that I know that might be interested, and I'll be reaching out to them soon. I guess the main thing I need to do is find out the best communities for Business Owners and network there.

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        Well who did you build the product for / with who in mind? Yes reach out to those people and then do things that don't scale in the early days and spend 2 hours onboarding them and collecting their CC and setting up them up properly from the get go etc

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    If it's cool, you can post it on my site as well: https://melbado.com/

    I hope it helps you to get some exposure.

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      @whereismypen Thank you!

      I'll definitely look into posting on your site.

      UPDATE: I created an account, but when I click the verify link in the email, it takes me to a page with a 500 Server Error. Looks like the account was verified, but you might need to look into the error. Thanks!

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        Thank you. I'm looking into it.

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      @whereismypen love the UI for melbado - it's very clean and there's a lot of nicely animated interactions! Trying to post my SaaS startup https://www.myko.io there but I'm stuck on verifying my email. I've tried resending the verification email but nothing's come through. Any ideas?

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        Thanks! Sometimes the emails land in the spam folder or take a few minutes. I'm working on it. Just verified your email manually now.

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    join our community! xoxo.vc we put other makers in groups of 10. There's your first 10 users!

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