Twitter August 3, 2020

How do I go from 100 followers to 1000

Patryk Golabek @papertrail


I currently have 110 Twitter followers and it is growing steadily at about 2 followers per week.

IH has taught me Twitter is a great platform for validating ideas and building a community.

What are the best ways of growing your Twitter audience, please share.

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    • Follow people and participate in other people's threads.
    • Make your bio as clear and concise as you can.
    • Try to help people as much as possible.
    • Use the #indiehackers hashtag when you say something interesting 😊
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    • Reply to people
    • Share your revenue numbers
    • Follow 5,000 people (the max)

    I found Daniel Vassallo's popular course really helpful - you can check out my review here

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      hey @petecodes excellent review, it gave me some good pointers to get started. Here are my take aways:

      • Share your expertise
      • Give more value to followers than taking
      • Share your knowledge in a tweet not a link
      • Twitter Analytics
      • Reply more
      • Use twitter threads


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      I have just purchased his course based on your review 😊

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        Ace! Hope you like it

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    Step 1:
    Complete this sentence:

    I'm a go-to person for: _____________

    Think about it, what's the number 1 you're doing that lot of people is approaching to ask you about. It can be a variation, "I want to be a go-to person for:". In this case think about things you know well and you could talk any time about it, over and over.

    Step 2

    Focus your bio and your tweets in that direction, stay consistent

    Step 3

    Follow bigger accounts who are also in that topic. Since you already know things, your replies will probably bring values. Don't push it too much, answer when you really can bring value. Think about that as of natural conversation at some gatherings. If you happen to hear a group of people talking about something, you can join and bring up your stories and experiences. It would be totally awkward to go around from one group to another and just trying to say things out of the blue.

    Step 4

    Ask yourself how do you want to be recognised on twitter. Avoid things that brings engagement but you don't like. For example, people are making memes with popular accounts and get high impressions, but do you want to be recognised as a meme maker or value provider. I'm fine with both, whatever floats your boat. As much as it is important to think what to tweet, it's also important to think what not to tweet

    Step 5

    Reduce the number of tweets that are screaming for attention. Ask yourself is it worth it before tweeting. We all (smaller accounts) fall into this trap sometimes, but ask yourself is it worth the shame?

    That would be enough for the beginning. I've realised I kept writing them as "Steps" but you don't have to do it in this order
    Rock on 🤘

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      hey @brunor thanks for the detailed response. The steps were great. I think the lessons for me and the takeaways are:

      Defining who you are going to be the go-to person for, being consistent, replying where you can add value. Lastly focusing on quantity over quality.

      Thanks for the great points.

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        You're welcome.
        You might check this one out too, it's fresh from the oven :D

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          Nice, thanks read it.

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    I guess at the very foundation this is it: reverse engineer what the people you want to be followed by are looking for. Then give it to them.

    That means you need to know who those people are. This is 50% of the battle. Post the content, and engage with them to get your content in front of them.

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      thanks @mxmzb interesting way of looking at it

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    • Sharing what you've been learning/learned
    • Any personal interesting story/situation is another way (depends on your preference of sharing personal stories)
    • Threads might work, if give value

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      Thanks, @Leo for sharing on Twitter and for your advice here.

      The two interesting things that have also come out are commenting on high engagement users quickly and the more difficult one, defining who you want to follow you and engaging with them.

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    Post things that add value to the lives of the people you want to follow you. Link to those things in related threads so they are found

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      Thanks @jschiarizzi great point, need to give it some thought as to who are the people I want to follow me even are.

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