Developers August 12, 2020

How do I know if a website is a custom built?

Johith Iype @johith


How do I know if a website is custom-built or have used something like WordPress or Wix?

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    You can use tools like Just put the URL in the input field, and it will spit it out most of the frontend tech used.

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      Keep in mind it's not necessarily 100% accurate. For example at work we have a website that's built with Wordpress, but is statically hosted, so it's not detected as Wordpress.

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    By taking a look on the source code. If it's build on top of a CMS, most of the time you can see it in the code. On mac cmd+option+U on windows possibly ctrl+alt+U and search for wordpress or wix

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      Yep. If your browsing in chrome you could also just do an F12 to open the inspector and CTRL + F to search for "wordpress" or "wix" or "powered by"

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      Commenting in support of this too. By far easier than anything else mentioned.

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    Out of curiosity: why does it matter? Developing good websites requires skill if developed from scratch OR from a framework.

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      I agree with your statement, but it could be to gain information about a client/competitor, gaining inspiration etc.

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        Ah, yeah, that makes sense. Though on the inspiration front it's often easier to figure out things from scratch, since a lot of frameworks put stuff in you don't need.

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    Try using, also they have a chrome extension that works like a charm.

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      PS: From a marketing perspective, they(wappalayzer) could have allowed people a free website lookup(basic stuff) without asking to register an account.

      Once they get people in then they could upsell with more features.
      Maybe they are focusing on serious folks but still, what have they got to lose?

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        I use their browser extension and I don't recall creating an account.

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          Maybe not with the extension. But here they are asking :

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      Thank you! I think this is the best tool

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    An important thing to keep in mind is that "custom built" and "WordPress" are not mutually exclusive. Platforms like WP are a tool, you can build basic no-code templatized sites with them, or complex, unique, highly custom experiences. Knowing what platform or technologies a site uses isn't really going to help you much.

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    I usually look at the img urls in the source code. If they contain /wp-content you can be sure it’s built with WordPress

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    I use this Chrome extension called Wappalyzer ( which tells you what technologies the website is built with!

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    If I notice that a website is using jQuery, I often assume that it is build with Wordpress.

    Probably not true in all cases, but there is a good chance 😉.