How do I monetize 15-25k visitors a day?


I automated a software to automatically upload Instagram creator's livestreams directly to YouTube where I make passive income from adsense. I was doing $45-70 a day in profit for 2 months until YouTube demonetized my channel.

At the moment, I'm trying to figure out how to sustainably generate income from this without the use of adsense.

Attached are the analytics of my YouTube channel:
→ 60% female
→ 43% is 18-24 yrs old
→ 29% are from the United States
→ 99% of the views are from YouTube search (searching for a creator's Instagram livestreams) and YouTube suggested videos

What I've gathered from doing this:

They're watching FOR the creator (without the creator, there would be no video)
These are archived livestreams, viewers are watching because it's essentially "rare" content that I so happened to record
My thoughts on what I could do:

Use the top comment feature to direct visitors to another website
1a. From the website stated above, I can sell merch surrounding the creator's brand

What do you think? What would be the best way to monetize 15-25k visitors on videos that surround multiple influencers/creators?

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