How do interruptions/context switching affect developers?

Hi all, I'm looking to talk to software engineers or engineering managers for 15-20 minutes about their current workflows and effects of interruptions or context switching. Please let me know if you would be interested in talking!

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    I would be super curious about the outcome/results of this.

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      Anything specific you would like to know about?

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        More so how they're solving it. I feel I cannot escape context switching even though I'm trying hard to focus on one thing on any given day. Though, quite often either something is requested of me OR I have an idea I want to explore. Which I unfortunately take the bait almost every time and end up burning out for the day.

        Actually, a quick hack I have found recently that's working for me is this: when I really have to context switch to something totally different (harder) I take a 11min Headspace (meditation) session, which sort of resets my brain as if I had just woken up. Refreshed. Has been working well recently.

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          The meditation solution is really interesting. I might give that a try too, thanks for sharing!

          I have a couple of follow-up questions if you don't mind -

          1. What channels do folks usually request something from you?
          2. When you start exploring the new idea - how do you go about it?
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            For sure Vivek.

            1. Word of mouth I would say (?) never thought of this actually

            2. I usually look at my lists of ideas I want to explore. It helps that I can code something quick, alpha launch it, and use it to start talking to people to see if it has any legs. Also, I like to think that I sort of take notice of what's happening in the market. Not in a broad sense, but looking at specific groups, what they're struggling with. The idea is usually to find a good match between something that is a needed and what I like to do on daily basis (which group of people I want to help, who do I care about)...

            Hope that made sense.

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