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How do we improve our SEO rank for core product keywords?

Hey everyone. I run Beekeeper Studio an open source desktop SQL client app for Mac, Linux, and Windows. We're totally bootstrapped, and we're working on making this a full-time gig.

We get pretty good traffic from both Google and several referrers, but our ranking for the keywords below is terrible, even though the app perfectly matches what people are searching for.

How do we rank better for our core product keywords?

Example keywords:

  • postgres gui windows
  • mysql client mac
  • sqlite gui linux
  • free postgres app windows
  • ...you get the idea

What we've done so far

We have database-specific landing pages, for example our postgres client landing page, but not sure what else to do.

We have worked to build great links from relevant community resources.

Ideas we've had

  • Writing blog posts covering these keywords
  • Making YouTube videos covering these keywords
  • Writing guest posts for other sites covering these keywords
  • Just trying to get more external sites to link to us

Next Steps?

We have super limited time, so I don't want to waste it doing things that won't move the needle. What would you all suggest first?

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    Those are fairly broad and competitive keywords.

    By my count, you have 20 blog posts and 16 of them are product updates.

    Before we get into tactics, ask yourself:
    -Who is your customer?
    -What need do they have that you solve?
    -What questions are they asking (and what research have you done to truly understand those questions)?
    -How are those questions and needs not filled by your top competitors on Google?

    Using a keyword in the title and on your home page may have gotten your website to rank years ago, but the web is so much more crowded and it will need effort.

    You need to add value.

    As you mention having limited time, I would recommend re-approaching this because SEO is a long game and with a site like yours (fairly new, not many pages) it will take a while for you to rank.

    If you do want to go in it for the long haul here's what I would focus on:

    -Set up Google Analytics and Google Search console - do you get organic traffic? To what pages, and what keywords do you rank for?
    -Study your idea customers, understand the questions they are asking and dig into those to see how you can uniquely and comprehensively answer them
    -Create high quality content that answers those questions
    -Continue to analyze that content's performance to see what is working and what is not

    SEO is my jam, I normally do not share my content here (because I hate to be too self-promotional) but I think this post on my approach to SEO strategy will help you a bit - it includes some (free) ways to brainstorm keywords/questions and how to form an effective content strategy from there: https://www.centori.io/post/how-to-build-an-effective-seo-strategy

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